Before the double eleven, the commercial war smoked Tmall furniture promotion channel canceled

At the end of last month, a picture of WeChat left out turned the entire furniture industry into a public opinion theme. Everyone is discussing the content of this picture and the meaning behind it. This picture is the Red Star Macalline Senses Director stipulates that all of its stores must resist Tmall's "online and offline" joint "double 11" activities. Che Jianxin’s WeChat indicates that the statement issued this time is mainly aimed at the brand of many Red Star Macalline who wants to use Red Star Macalline as the “Double 11” experience storefront. This makes the car construction new is very annoyed, from the content of WeChat, the Red Star Macalline boycotted the "double 11" resolute. “It is forbidden for any brand manufacturer to promote “Double 11” activities in the store, prohibiting the use of POS machines distributed by Tmall, and prohibiting brand after-sales delivery for other customers who purchase homes online.”

Shortly after the WeChat outflow, the actual home also issued a similar statement, which can be seen that the traditional home store is disgusted with the "Double 11". This also shows from the side the impact of "Double 11" on the traditional way of selling. According to the regulations of the actual family, all the PSO machines that use other e-commerce, especially the e-commerce, are fined ten times the transaction amount. The second time they are found, they are directly kicked out of the store. Recently, the 19 major hypermarkets of the China Home Furnishing Association signed a joint opinion on boycotting e-commerce in the physical store. Although there is no clear indication of “double 11” in resoluteness, such a special day is signed. Comments, it can be seen that this opinion really refers to this "double 11". However, the outside world generally holds a negative attitude, because online shopping has become a popular demand, so after all, the future market is dead, not necessarily.