In the first three quarters of 2013, the logistics packaging industry grew by 38% over the same period

With the advent of the online shopping era, China's logistics industry is booming. In the first three quarters of 2013, the profit of the logistics packaging industry increased by 38% compared with the same period of 2012. However, when the packaging industry takes advantage of huge business opportunities, on the one hand, we must continue to accelerate the promotion of industrial and technological upgrading to meet market needs. On the other hand, we should calm down and think about how logistics packaging can develop environmentally friendly economy on the basis of sustainable development. .

According to the "People's Daily" report, "Double 11" has gone, and the courier has arrived. Some people say that in the past few days, people "are not unpacking, or waiting to unpack." The data shows that on the day of "Double 11", there are about 180 million pieces of express delivery parcels generated by Tmall and other e-commerce companies. In the past two years, the total number of sending and receiving express mail in China is about 4.8 billion pieces per year. If we use 1 meter long tape for each express delivery, the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) transparent tape used by China's express delivery industry is enough to orbit the earth along the equator. Nearly 120 laps, they will not degrade after being buried in the soil for 100 years. In this way, an online shopping feast is also a severe devastating of environmental resources.

As early as 2009, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Governing the Over-packaging of Goods", promoting simplicity and advocating environmental protection for commodity packaging, and encouraging the masses to report on over-packaged goods and requiring relevant departments to deal with the masses in a timely manner. Reflected issues.

Relevant departments should formulate detailed transportation and packaging environmental standards for the express delivery industry as soon as possible, and clearly stipulate the quantity standards for various non-degradable materials used in packaging, and advocate mass supervision. Fundamentally clarify packaging specifications, thereby reducing over-packaging and allowing express packaging to join the ranks of low-carbon green.

According to China Commercial Telecommunications, the growing strength of the courier company has spurred demand for packaging materials such as special tapes in the packaging market. The packaging industry should see this market demand and focus on the development of technical products for tape.

The special tape has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture proof, and can protect the packaged articles well during the circulation of the goods, and the special tape has good toughness, not as easy to break as the whole paper bag, and not like the glass packaging base. The material is as fragile and easy to use. Especially for express logistics companies, most of the items they need to pack every day are small items. If other packaging substrates are used, it will increase the packaging workload and increase the cost. The simple and convenient and economical special tape is not only easy to operate, The economic cost is low, and it is also able to protect goods well, which naturally becomes the first choice of logistics companies.

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