Zhi----"Smog" Chinese medicine teaches you how to adhere to the fitness four-character


As the air quality deteriorates, the haze weather gradually increases. In this extreme weather, how to reduce the harm of smog to the body is the top priority. Here, I tell you about some daily home care methods, insist on using them, and can resist the invasion of smog.

揉: 揉搓 " Welcome " to prevent colds

A haze can easily trigger a cold. Ying Yingxiang points have a certain effect on relieving the symptoms of colds. If you can stick to the sputum, you can use it as a good way to prevent colds.

Yingxiang is located on the face, about 1 cm in the wrinkles next to the nose (next to the midpoint of the outer edge of the nose, in the nasolabial fold). The specific method is to hold the Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose with the index fingers of both hands, and try to correct them 36 times in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction . Chinese medicine believes that, at the Ying Xiang points to sense the wind of the body surface, also stopped at the Wind, Wind Point rule, regular massage can remove the head, face the wind, scattered on top of the top of the cold, thereby enhancing the ability to resist bacteria, but also promote The blood circulation around the nose makes the blood flow smooth, and the external evil is not easy to invade, thus playing a role in fighting airborne bacteria.

Run: Eat more yam and lungs

The formation of ash is mainly the result of a combination of a large number of particles suspended in the air and meteorological conditions, which can induce lung diseases. From the perspective of health care, diet therapy is a supplementary preventive measure worthy of promotion. For example, foods such as lily and pear have the effect of “ running the lungs ” .

There is a difference between the " lung " of Chinese medicine and the " lung " of Western medicine . Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are not just an organ, such as "the lungs are the main water " , which is more commonly used to refer to the function of the lungs to promote and regulate the distribution and excretion of fluid transport. The “ run ” here can be understood as “ moisturizing ” . The lungs are delicate, so eat more foods such as lily, pear, yam, white radish, and scorpion in the haze, which is very helpful for your health.

Refining: " 呬 " word exercise to fill the lungs

The haze weather is heavy and the air pollution is not suitable for going out to exercise, but home exercise is a good way to exercise. The word " 呬 " ( Chinese medicine sound sī , the same " 嘶 ") in the six-character 诀 is more suitable for autumn and winter practice. It has the effect of moistening the lungs and nourishing the lungs, supplementing the lungs, and improving the chronic diseases of various respiratory diseases. effect.

   The mouth shape of the pronunciation of " 呬 " is as follows: the lips are slightly rearward, the upper and lower teeth are combined and have a slit, and the tip of the tongue is pronounced in the gap. As the pronunciation progresses, it is necessary to cooperate with the movements of the limbs, such as lifting the hands from the lower abdomen, gradually turning the palms upwards, to the two breasts, the two arms are externally rotated, the palms are turned outwards to form the palms, the fingertips are opposite the throat, and then left and right. The arm of the exhibition arm is lifted like a bird's wing. At the same time , the word " 呬 " is read at the same time , and the breath is exhausted. The two arms are naturally dropped on the side of the body with the inhalation, repeating 6 times and adjusting the interest.

The whole vocal process uses a ventral breathing, that is, first call back. Read the word while exhaling, and raise the anus at the same time. The center of gravity naturally moves to the heel, taking care not to feel guilty. When inhaling, the lips are lightly combined, the tongue is on the upper jaw, the whole body is relaxed, the small abdomen is naturally raised, and the air is naturally inhaled. The air is exhausted and the chest and abdomen are empty. The frequency of the action should be consistent with the frequency of your own breathing. It should be soft, stretched and natural, and should not be used.

Smoked: herbal tea fumigation and protection eyes

When people are smoggy, many people will feel this way. As long as they are outside for a little longer, they will have redness and redness. This is one of the manifestations of smog on eye damage. Many common Chinese medicines can play the role of eyesight and eyesight. For example, chrysanthemum can clear the liver and improve eyesight, scorpion can replenish kidney and improve eyesight, cassia seed can clear the eyes and laxative, green tea can clear heat and eyesight. Adding these Chinese medicines to green tea and smoky eyes is good for smog eye health care.

The method of smoked eyed medicinal tea is the same as the conventional method of brewing tea. The medicinal materials and tea leaves are brewed with boiling water. The eyes are placed in front of the eyes, the eyes are about three fingers away from the mouth of the cup, and the eyes are fumigated with the heat for about 5 minutes to the eyes. No discomfort is the degree.

The herbal tea smoked eye not only has the effect of moist heat, but also helps to smooth the eye meridians, promote blood circulation of the eyes, rapidly improve the metabolism and secretion function of the eye, relieve the symptoms of discomfort, and prevent the occurrence of eye diseases.


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