Deciding on the quality of our custom-made wardrobe

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] We decided to purchase the quality of the custom overall wardrobe . We should pay attention to the style of the custom solid wood wardrobe and the style of our house decoration. It is very important to choose the elements of the whole wardrobe. Then we choose the custom wardrobe. The details.

Wardrobe purchase

Deciding on the quality of our custom-made wardrobe

Details of the overall custom wardrobe:

Overall wardrobe style: The same style is one of the basic principles of home decoration. The biggest difference between the overall wardrobe and the solid wood wardrobe is the different functions for consumers and different families.

The overall wardrobe lower rail draw:

The general wardrobe, but some raised rails, the opposite of the convex track is the design of the furniture is easier to clean.

Overall wardrobe door quality:

The frame of the closet door is very important, not only in the price difference, the quality is very easy to deform the door.

Overall wardrobe door thickness:

The thickness of the wardrobe door on the market is 5mm-9MM, and the thickness of the brand's wardrobe door should be 9mm, 12mm thickness.

Wood smell of the whole wardrobe:

With the improvement of living standards, more and more attention is paid to the protection of physical health and the environment. When buying, if you smell a wardrobe with a strong pungent smell, remember not to buy such wardrobes.

The above is to introduce the elements that should be paid attention to when choosing a custom whole wardrobe. In short, choose the whole wardrobe, not only pay attention to the benefits, we need to know the only life guarantee, you can choose the quality of the whole wardrobe!

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