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(1) Principle: Old tuberculin (OT), the main component is the protein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Dilute it 10,000 times so that every 0.1ml contains 1u. Pure protein derivative (PPD) is the purified product after precipitation of tuberculosis culture filtrate with trichloroacetic acid. Each 0.00002mg is 1U. If the subject has been infected with tuberculosis after intradermal injection, tuberculin specifically binds to the sensitized lymphocytes to form delayed-type hypersensitivity inflammation.

(2) Method: Take 5UPPD or OT0.1ml and inject it under the skin of the forearm, for 48-72h. Pay attention to whether there is local induration, and the blush cannot be used alone as the standard. (3) Results analysis:

â‘  The induration and redness of the positive injection site are between 0.5-1.5cm in diameter. This indicates that the body has been infected with tuberculosis and has a hypersensitivity reaction, but it does not mean that it is suffering from tuberculosis;? â‘¡The strong positive induration diameter exceeds 1.5cm, indicating that there may be active tuberculosis, which should be further checked;

â‘¢ There are large red spots or slight redness in the needle injection site at the negative injection site, and the induration diameter is less than 0.5cm, indicating that there is no tuberculosis infection, but the following situations should be considered: If the subject is in the early stage of the primary infection or is suffering from other infection Disease (4) application:

â‘ Select the BCG vaccination target and measure the vaccination effect. Those with negative tuberculin response should be vaccinated with BCG; â‘¡The tuberculin test can be used to diagnose tuberculosis in infants and young children;

â‘¢Measuring the epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection among the people who were not vaccinated with BCG; â‘£It can be used to determine the cellular immune function of tumor patients.

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