High temperature circulator is a new type of water-oil dual-use heating source

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. develops the high-temperature circulator of Haozhuang (LNB) brand, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable. The company has first-class technical staff and a good team of technicians, with advanced technology and strong development strength. Since the establishment of the company, products and services have been recognized by customers and have a good reputation. The company upholds "integrity. Professionalism. Innovation. Growth. "The business philosophy is to provide elaborate services to customers. The high-temperature circulator is a high-temperature heating source developed and designed by itself. It is suitable for jacketed reactors, pilot-scale chemical reactions, high-temperature distillation, and semiconductor industries. High temperature circulator series High temperature circulator is a high temperature heating source developed and designed by our company. It is suitable for jacketed reactor, chemical pilot test, high temperature distillation, semiconductor industry, etc. The series of high-temperature circulators make up for the shortcomings of similar domestic products, and the price is much lower than imported products, which is an ideal choice.


1. Add liquid medium into the tank, and the liquid level of the liquid medium cannot be lower than 20mm on the worktable.

2. The oil used for the liquid medium, and the flash point of the open cup of the selected oil should be higher than the working temperature in the tank by more than 15 ℃.

3. The external circulation pump is used for external circulation connection. The liquid outlet pipe is connected with a hose to the tank outer container inlet, and the liquid inlet pipe is connected to the tank outer container outlet.

4. Plug in the power supply, turn on the "power" switch, and turn on the "cycle" switch.

5 |. The operation of the instrument is as follows:

A. Description of instrument keys:

← Shift key ▲ Plus key ▼ Minus key SET Set function key

B. Temperature setting:

Press the setting function key to enter the temperature setting value setting state. The set value is not flashing. At this time, press the shift key and then the plus key to set your desired working temperature. Press the set function key and save the set value. At this time, the measured display is in the current slot The temperature of the liquid medium, after which the microcomputer enters an automatic control state.

C. Measurement value correction:

Press the function key for about 5 seconds, the window on the meter displays "PASS", press the plus key to enter the password "1", and then press the set function key. The window displays "SC", and then press the plus or minus keys to set your modified Parameters, press the function key again for about 5 seconds to restore the normal control state.

Precautions for use:

1. Liquid medium should be added into the tank before use.

2. Use the power supply 50HZ 220V, the power supply must be greater than or equal to the total rate of the instrument, the power supply must have a good "ground" device.

3. The instrument should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, with a distance of 300mm away from obstacles on the back and sides.

4. After use, all switches are turned off and unplug the power plug.

High temperature circulator: water and oil dual purpose: the highest temperature can reach 300 ℃. The work area is made of high-quality stainless steel and is corrosion-resistant. The flow rate of the external circulation pump is large, up to 15L / min, and the temperature control efficiency is high. PID control, digital display temperature control, high temperature control accuracy and easy operation. The LED dual window displays the temperature measurement value and temperature setting value, and the humanized touch button design. Optional cold water circulation device, through tap water to achieve rapid cooling inside the system, suitable for temperature control of exothermic reaction at high temperature.

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