It’s rainy, sunny and spring with a warm look.

If you want to re-light your skin and add a touch of warmth to your life, let's learn the following makeup techniques to make your skin look sunny even in cold weather!

Rainy weather, spring has a warm look

STEP 1- base cream

Partial use of cool color makeup before the primer to play the advantages of refraction, astigmatism, etc., so that the skin is naturally white. Avoid excessive use of products with yellow light effect, so as to make your face darker in the case of uneven light source.

STEP 2- Foundation

With a makeup product with a long-lasting finish, you don't need a repeating make-up, because repeated makeup will only make your makeup look unnatural.

Rainy weather, spring has a warm look

STEP 3-Concealer

If the skin has dark spots, you can use the concealer to focus on the T-shaped area, and then use the concealer to make a comprehensive concealer, leaving the skin natural and pure.

STEP 4-eye shadow

It is best to choose an eye shadow with pearlescent particles to give a feeling of refreshing and clear.

Rainy weather, spring has a warm look

STEP 5-eyeliner

To make the whole person have a spirit depends on the eyeliner! It is very important to choose a waterproof and not blooming texture, and finally remember the slight increase in the corner of the eye.

STEP 6-mascara

Always choose waterproof and anti-smudge mascara on rainy days, first apply the left eyelashes, dry, and then apply the right eyelashes again. When the left eyelashes are dry, apply them again, then apply the right eyelashes and alternate. >>> Clear foundation to create fresh beauty

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