Depth analysis of spray bottle packaging market

In recent years, the spray bottle packaging market has become more and more widely used. Spray bottles have a wide range of uses in medicine, cosmetics and other fields. The spray bottle has special structure and high cost, and it needs certain technical strength and research and development capabilities, otherwise it is easily broken during repeated use.

Now, some companies specializing in the production of nozzles have been formed in the country. Some plastic bottle manufacturers have purchased spray nozzles and assembled them into spray bottles for sale. However, in this way, on the one hand, the cost of the spray bottle is increased because the middle part involves the procurement and transportation of the spray head. On the other hand, most of the profits of the spray bottle are in the hands of the spray head manufacturer. The spray bottle manufacturer does not How much profit improvement? Therefore, this method is suitable for some manufacturers that are not professional, that is, manufacturers that produce other types of packaging. As a professional spray bottle company, it is imperative to master the production technology of the nozzles in order to grasp the core profit and maintain the long-term development of the company.

For spray bottle packaging, there is still a need to develop a direction of the glass spray bottle market. As glass bottles are more widely used in the high-end market, the glass spray bottle market will be widely used.

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