Pay more attention to buying furniture

The owner of the renovated house before the beginning of the Spring Festival holiday began to set up furniture. The industry reminds consumers that the quality and quality of furniture directly affects the health and taste of life. The reporter interviewed Zhang Feng, who has many years of experience in selling furniture. He introduced a number of ways to purchase furniture for consumers to help consumers buy the furniture they like.

First of all, focus on the quality of furniture. The current interior decoration emphasizes health and environmental protection on the basis of satisfying the visual beauty. Zhang Feng said: "Consumers purchase environmentally friendly decoration materials and furniture, does not mean that indoor air meets environmental standards. Every piece of indoor furniture or building materials to release trace amounts of harmful gases will not pose a threat to the human body, but will release all furniture. The gas is superimposed, and the consequences become serious." Zhang Feng said that when consumers buy furniture, they must pay attention to the quality of each piece of furniture. The materials used for different furniture are different. For example, the quality of solid wood furniture and sheet furniture is different, and the environmental protection is also different. Consumers purchase according to the interior decoration style and their actual conditions. For example, tables and chairs require strong wood and can bear the weight. The kitchen and bathroom cabinets are equipped with plywood, which is waterproof and deformation resistant. Zhang Feng said that many consumers have doubts about the quality discrimination, but they can also distinguish the quality of the furniture through the details of the furniture. Observe the surface of the furniture, whether there is unevenness, whether there are small insect eyes or foaming inside the wooden furniture, you can also use the fingers to lightly scratch the surface, check the hardness of the furniture, and then smell whether there is a pungent smell, intuitive Understand the harmful gases such as formaldehyde released from furniture.

Secondly, whether the four feet of the furniture are flat. Zhang Feng said that consumers are more likely to ignore this problem. They always think that the quality of furniture is good and the materials are good. It is a good home, but some furniture will have problems in production. Therefore, when buying, check whether the furniture purchased is uneven. . Whether it is a table or chair bench or a cabinet, when inspecting the goods, place it on a level surface to see if the surface is straight and shake the furniture for instability.

Finally, check that the furniture structure is secure. When consumers choose small pieces of furniture, they must test whether the furniture is strong. For example, chairs, stools, hangers, etc. can be gently dropped on the ground when selected. If the sound is crisp, the quality is good; if the sound is dumb, There is a murmur in the slap, which means that the combination of the eyes is not tight and the structure is not strong; the sofa and the soft bed should sit down to see if the surface is flat, and whether the mattress and the sofa cushion are uneven.


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