Wardrobe design points need to be step by step when decorating

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the decoration, the wardrobe is used by every family. The wardrobe is used as a storage tool to help people live their daily lives. With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for wardrobe design are getting higher and higher, and the attention of wardrobe design is also increasing. If you want to build a wardrobe suitable for us, we must do the following aspects. it is good.

First, the classification placed

Wardrobe design

According to the demographic composition of the family, the space of the wardrobe is reasonably designed.

1. Older people have more clothes stacked and fewer pendants, and most of them may not be worn for a long time. Therefore, you can consider more independent laminates and drawers when designing, and store less clothes separately. Considering that the elderly are inconvenient to move, the drawer should not be designed at the lowest or lower position, and should be about 900mm above the ground, so that the elderly can easily take the clothes;

2, husband and wife's clothing, it is diverse, there are professional dress, casual wear and sportswear and so on. Generally, the left and right sides are respectively set as the storage space of the husband and wife, if the room area is large enough. The clothes in the cabinet are divided into two layers, which are windbreakers, dresses or tops. Shirts, tops, etc. can be hung in short layers or can be placed in separate small drawers or laminates, but not too much. Will wrinkle the clothes. Underwear, ties and socks can be used with special fashion drawers, luxurious tie clips and pants racks, which are beneficial to the maintenance of clothes and more intuitive and convenient; seasonal and strong clothes such as sweaters can be placed in the top cabinet;

3, children's clothing, on the one hand taking into account the placement of children's toys, it is best to design some drawers, laminates or lattices in the design of the wardrobe, on the other hand, taking into account that children's clothing will grow with age Frequent replacement, so it is necessary to design some places such as clothes and other pendants, and the color of the wardrobe of the children's room is also very particular, should be based on warm colors.

Second, reasonable partition

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1. Although each family's clothing is old and young, large and small, but if the space design is reasonable, it is convenient to find clothes and save time. There won't be a situation where you have to find a piece of clothing to rummage through the closet, or if a piece of your favorite clothes is lying in a corner for a long time.

2. In areas where seasonal rotation is not very obvious, there are not many clothes to be replaced every season. It is recommended that the wardrobe be divided according to the frequency of clothing replacement. Put some clothes or bedding that are not frequently changed in the quarter at the top of the closet, and put some clothes that need to be changed frequently in the lower part. Most of the clothes are hanging, so that after drying and ironing, you can hang directly in the easy-to-take place. It is very convenient when you need it next time.

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