Summer hydrating tips make you tender and tender

You must know how important your skin's moisturizing hydration is to us, especially in the summer, UV, high temperature, air-conditioned rooms, air pollution... In either case, we are faced with the environment every day. The resulting dry skin makes us look like a dehydrated vegetable without a spirit. To this end, Xiao Bian deliberately refines the three strokes of summer hydration skills, allowing you to win in the tug of war with moisture!

Summer hydrating tips make you watery and tender

The first trick: hydrating in the morning, but also moisturizing

I believe that many girls will take care of the skin in the morning, hydrating, whitening, sunscreen, etc., so that the skin can maintain a perfect state throughout the day. But, are you confusing your skin with hydration and moisturizing? In fact, moisturizing and hydrating are very different. Moisturizing is to replenish moisture to the skin, but as the water evaporates, the skin that has just been replenished with water will still become dry. Moisturizing is to lock the moisture of the fresh skin and continuously provide moisture to the skin. In the morning skin care session, don't forget to moisturize the skin while hydrating, whitening and sunscreen! By locking the added moisture tightly into the skin, it helps the skin to better fight against high-temperature ultraviolet rays and dry air-conditioned rooms.

At this time, a high-moisturizing gel is the first choice. It also hydrates the skin while locking the moisture in the skin cells. The cold, light texture does not create an extra burden for the skin, for subsequent isolation. Sunscreen, makeup, etc. are the primary moisturizing job.

The second measure: hydrating during the day, to use the spray correctly

Heavy work during the day requires a wholehearted response. A whole day of air-conditioned rooms, or sun exposure, a bottle of moisturizing spray is a must-have. The mineral spray contains trace mineral ions, which can calm sensitive skin and replenish moisture. However, the spray does not contain moisturizing ingredients that can lock the water. Once the number of sprays increases, and the lotion is not locked, the skin will fall into the wet and dry. Repeated vicious circle, but caused skin lack of water. Therefore, in order for the spray to really moisturize the skin, the correct method of use is very important!

When the summer spray is in use, the sprayed water mist should not stay on the skin for more than one minute. The excess water should be sucked away with a paper towel. Immediately afterwards, rub the lotion to lock the moisture and moisturize the skin.

The third measure: facial massage to enhance skin water content

Massage the skin is the best way to promote metabolism. When your hand touches the skin, it is also a process of feeding nutrients to the skin. With a little pressure, it can transmit warm information to the skin and increase the absorption of skin care products. Degree, increase skin radiance Use the fingertips along the direction of the muscles to make a curve massage for the face, and stimulate the muscles as widely and efficiently as possible. >>>Doctor tells you how to apply eye cream correctly

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