Slim body ran out: running method of efficient weight loss

Many people want to achieve the effect of losing weight through running, but because it is not appropriate, not only does not lose weight successfully, but also runs the calf very strong, achieving the opposite effect. In fact, running weight loss still has a lot of tricks. Today, Xiao Bian introduces the five correct steps for running and effectively reducing fat. You should stick to it and keep it consistent. You must constantly adjust your mindset and find a suitable method to achieve your results.

1 , warm up 10 minutes into the sport

Let's go slowly for 5 minutes, then gradually transition to the state of striding fast, and the time for walking is also 5 minutes. The main purpose of the stride is to make every muscle of the body participate in the movement through the large swing of the upper limbs and the movement of the thighs. Each nerve quickly enters the state of motion. There is a certain amount of joint fluid as a lubricant in the joints of the extremities. The large-span movement of the legs and the large swing of the upper limbs will strengthen the running-in of each joint of the limbs, so that the joint fluid can better lubricate. At the same time, you should also complete the adjustment of pace, posture and breathing in the warm-up phase. If you make adjustments after the acceleration starts, you will find that the high-speed running treadmill makes your pace cramped, breathing disorder, in this case maybe You can't hold on for a long time to stop running.


2 , jog for 20 minutes to activate each muscle

After about 10 minutes of warm-up, the body muscles are activated, and each nerve is in an excited state. Every cell is ready to go, waiting for a sweating pain. When jogging, it is best to choose a road with a certain slope. Many people will misunderstand that moving on a sloped road will make the calf thick and the calf muscles will develop horizontally. In fact, on the contrary, due to the slope, the calf muscle is Pulling up, not only will not make the calf thicker, but will make the calf become slender. The best example is the sister of Sichuan. If you have female friends from Sichuan, you will find that regardless of their upper body, their legs are thin and long, solid and round, which are all from them. The place where you live is full of mountain roads.

1123591550-0.jpg 3 , running at medium speed for 20 minutes to burn a lot of fat

After accelerating step by step, it is time to enter the medium-speed running. If you can hold the medium-speed running for more than 15 minutes, you can achieve the goal of physical fitness. At this stage, we must pay attention to maintain the balance of the body. Both hands bend the elbows to swing the arms back and forth between the waists to speed up the breathing rate. The breathing should be active, the abdominal muscles actively participate in the breathing, and the two eyes look straight ahead and the head is positive.

The medium-speed running is the stage of entering the burning fat. After the first 20 minutes of exercise, the glycogen stored in the body has been decomposed. At this time, continuing the large amount of exercise requires the accumulation of body fat in the body to achieve the purpose of consuming fat. It seems that it feels so fast that the fat penetrates from the skin of the abdomen, thighs and even the arm a little bit. At the same time, the abdomen that continues to abdomen from the beginning of running is very helpful for shaping the type of muscles in the abdomen, and the long-term adherence effect is obvious.


4 , smooth down for 10 minutes, the body gradually relaxes

Gradually reduce the running speed before ending the run, lasting about 10 minutes. The rapid decrease in speed will allow the muscles to relax immediately. Sudden relaxation can only temporarily relieve fatigue. After the instant relief, the body's soreness will make your muscles become dead, so when the speed gradually slows down, the body gradually Relax, after that, it is best to relax the joints and large muscle groups, such as slightly controlled limbs, stretching the front and back muscles and ligaments of the lower back and thighs, and beneficial to the health protection and health of the heart.

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