Develop the habit of using an oscilloscope

An engineer answered a classic question from his own experience: Why develop the habit of using an oscilloscope. This article will be explained in detail for everyone. After reading the following, for those who have used the oscilloscope, you may feel that "it is really the case." After understanding the essence, everyone will think that the oscilloscope is a good helper for the theory and practice, and can help you face the essence of the bug. With the test results of the oscilloscope, "there is a picture with the truth", it is easy to analyze the problem. Based on the above benefits, do you feel that it is necessary to develop the habit of using an oscilloscope? When a correct thing becomes our habit, the impact on a person is positive and long-term, and the meaning is also significant. The habit of developing an oscilloscope is also a lifelong influence on an engineer, and when the habit is further raised to the concept, it is not so easy to deliberately get rid of it. When there is a problem with the product, many people will subconsciously take the multimeter to measure the amount and measure it in the west. The reason is that the multimeter has one hand and is easy to use, so it is welcomed by engineers. What I want to say here is that this habit is not good, the detailed reasons and listen to me slowly. The use of the multimeter is mainly used for simple measurements such as resistance (resistance value, ground impedance), on/off (whether drip), and these two functions are powerless for the oscilloscope. The voltage value can also be measured by a multimeter. It is more accurate to measure the effective value of the voltage with a multimeter, but it is necessary to observe the voltage "what looks like" or use an oscilloscope. There is a classic analogy that an oscilloscope is the eye of an electronics engineer. If we don't use an oscilloscope, the product we are researching is equivalent to a black box, and it is difficult to detect its true face. After all, a black road is not good. Let's talk about some of the experiences below to talk about the habit of using an oscilloscope.

1. The theory and practice of the good helper oscilloscope is a tool that hardware test engineers must master, but due to the nature of the work, what we often do is to repeat tests of fixed items against the test cases or specifications, such as various types. Interface, internal bus, etc. Over time, many people are not satisfied with this knowledge. The next step for test engineers who are uncomfortable with the status quo is to find some information to deeply study the products they are looking for, to understand the working principle, internal structure, circuit of each module, signal flow and so on. Some of these knowledge are clear, some are ambiguous, and some even don't understand. When you encounter this situation, the oscilloscope can be a very good helper for you. For those who don't understand, you can check the data first, try to understand the principle, then use the oscilloscope to measure the waveform, timing, etc., and verify your analysis results. . The oscilloscope can visually see the waveform, which makes people feel clear, impressive, and theoretical knowledge can be better understood. After measuring the signals on an electronic product, and learning some documents, the understanding of the products you face will be thorough.

2. Facing the nature of bugs When we are solving bugs, some problems may be solved based on experience, and we have not thoroughly understood the essence. This will have hidden dangers, and the next time you design a circuit, you may fall into the same trap. For example, the configuration of the I2C pull-up resistor is incorrect, resulting in a probabilistic failure of communication. The capacitor on the signal line is too large, resulting in waveform distortion. Maybe we can solve the problem by changing the resistance value and capacitance value, but this is not enough. Go to the essence of the waveform and then debug. The problem solved in this way will not be committed again in the future, and it will also ensure that some problems that were considered to have been resolved at that time, but still probabilistic in batches, will be avoided. Some EMC problems are caused by the harmonics of the internal high-frequency signal. Through the oscilloscope debugging, the energy of the radiated signal can be effectively reduced on the basis of ensuring the signal integrity, such as connecting the more suitable matching resistors and increasing the capacitance to the ground. solve. The most direct way to ensure signal integrity is to use an oscilloscope test to avoid overcorrection and potential hazards.

3. When there are some pictures with the truth, some bugs need to be solved together. Such multi-party mail communication requires images as an important basis. I have encountered a bug before: the host side has a probabilistic failure when loading files to the device. This involves three parties of hardware, software, but also Taiwan's original factory of Host chip and Device chip manufacturers. After each party's inspections and their previous shipping experience, they all considered that they had no problems. Using the oscilloscope to repeatedly measure the waveform, timing, and not able to locate the problem at the beginning. Because at startup, a part of the 1V clutter signal will appear on the clock signal line, and then it is judged by the experimental means that the host side sends out, which is used as evidence to require the host factory in Taiwan to modify, the reason is that regardless of whether the signal affects the communication, At least solve this problem before considering it. After updating the code twice, the 1V clutter signal disappeared and the aging machine was cured. There was no problem. Due to the self-protection instinct and the limitations of the knowledge of all parties, each of them generally thinks that there is no problem on their own side. Measuring the waveform through the oscilloscope, finding evidence, and urging the revision will make the problem easy to solve. Finally, it is important to note that the operation of the oscilloscope must be correct. If the wrong operation and the details are not noticed, it is possible to turn the oscilloscope into a double-edged sword, which brings unnecessary trouble and requires special attention. In actual work, it is often found that different people's tests will get different test results. Here, we need to accumulate more experience. In the final analysis, it is still a problem to be used more, of course, the documentation should be seen more. I hope that the engineers can use the oscilloscope more, and also need the generosity of each manufacturer to provide more oscilloscopes and create conditions for employees, so that employees will not develop the habit of using a multimeter due to limited resources.

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