How should I buy antique mahogany sofas and new Chinese sofas?

The sofa is developed from abroad and is the must-have furniture for the modern living habits; while the mahogany is the furniture material that has been popular since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. As a combination of the two, the mahogany sofa not only meets the new requirements of the era for living and living, but also inherits the traditional craft culture. It can be said that it is the continuation of classical furniture and the inevitable product of the development of mahogany furniture. Favor.

As a new type of furniture, the advantages and disadvantages of mahogany sofa coexist : the advantage is rich in form, more adaptable to different needs, and the disadvantage is that its shape has no "chapter" to rely on, there is no established reference model.

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Summarizing what the market sees, the mahogany sofa can be broadly divided into two categories.

One type is the "antique" sofa that inherits the classical furniture as much as possible. This type of sofa tries to be close to the known classical furniture in terms of appearance and craftsmanship, and carries out design changes based on the traditional form, that is, the classical furniture. "Quantity change": For example, some mahogany sofas are based on the size of the large seat such as the Arhat bed and the throne, and some are made by lengthening and splicing the small seat such as the Taishi chair.

The other category is the “ new Chinese” mahogany sofas . These mahogany sofas add more fashion elements while borrowing the red wood quality. Although these sofas still use classical craftsmanship, they have made a big breakthrough in the model. Compared with the imitation of the shape, it pays more attention to the creation of the Chinese artistic conception. More common is the placement of fabric or leather cushions and cushions on the frame of the simple mahogany sofa. This type of mahogany sofa can be said to be a "quality change" to classical furniture. Thanks to the introduction of new designs and ideas, it is more popular with young consumers.

At present, the new Chinese-style mahogany sofa is the trend of market development, and some relatively high-end businesses have also stepped into this field. In the visits to such merchants, it is found that in addition to rosewood, new Chinese-style sofas made of non-red wood such as African pears and eucalyptus are also common.

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How to choose a mahogany sofa

Since the mahogany sofa is divided into the above two categories, the focus and basis for the investigation of the two mahogany sofas are different.

First of all, the purchase of antique mahogany sofa should refer to the similar furniture such as the ring chair and the official hat chair, that is, the material, the engraving, the material, the structure and other factors are carefully distinguished. Secondly, the purchase of new Chinese-style mahogany sofas should focus on the advantages and disadvantages of furniture design and the use of technology. Specifically, you should start with the following aspects:

1. Branded furniture with word of mouth

The strength of furniture brands is not only the strength of propaganda and their own popularity, but also a commitment and guarantee. The formation of well-known brands requires a long period of precipitation and process accumulation, as well as the formation of word of mouth, and the mahogany sofas on the market are mixed, although sometimes they do not need to be fine, they can be separated, but occasionally there are similar products, which makes it difficult. select. What should consumers do when faced with this confusion?

At this time, consumers can move out of the brand standard, of course, the brand here is not just the popularity, the degree of goodwill and market recognition is also very important. These brands with better reputation are not only guaranteed in terms of materials, but also in the after-sales service. Redwood furniture has deep artistic value and belongs to high-end products. It is necessary to raise requirements in terms of choice. In short, choosing a brand that promises and guarantees quality is a reassurance.

2. Heavy patents to pick the main products

Many of the antique sofas on the market are quite similar in shape. The only difference is the details of the details, such as the carvings, materials and materials. These “general products” are numerous and can be seen everywhere. However, in contrast, some companies will launch original products, which are patented products. Usually, these products will be introduced to the market as the “main” products of the merchants. The production is also more careful, and the quality is relatively more Guarantee.

It can be imagined that the so-called patented product must be a product that can prove the strength of the store, equivalent to the store's endorsement, signboard, and all the advantageous resources of the collection enterprise, representing the highest level of technology and the most powerful strength of a company. Such products will be more strict in terms of quality and craftsmanship, and as a “characteristic mainstay”, they will also build a better reputation and be more trustworthy.

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3. See the quality of manual work

In the market context of mass production and profit enhancement, hand-made has become a scarce resource, and it is worthwhile to make and engrave furniture with several times of time and cost, which seems to have become another annotation of the brand.

Nowadays, a skilled craftsman is very expensive, and he is also seriously behind the machine furniture in terms of production speed. The price is naturally much higher than that of the machine furniture, and this is precisely the value and significance of the boutique.

More importantly, under this kind of precision, "excellent" is not only the aspect of production and engraving, but also radiates to all aspects of material selection, materials, design, etc. It can be said that the effort and attitude of pouring into a product is It's completely different, so when you buy a mahogany sofa with collectible value, you should consider "manual" in the first place. Of course, there are good and bad handwork, and the bad guys can't stand up with the quality mechanics, so you should pay attention to the screening when choosing.

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4. Design style is broken

The new Chinese style has always focused on the creation of meaning and taste, which is also the core value of the new Chinese sofa. Therefore, when purchasing such a sofa, it is important to consider design and creativity.

Redwood itself is not enough to represent classicality. It is not just the use of mahogany to create furniture with Chinese flavor. Nowadays, some mahogany furniture products with neo-classical signs use only the material of mahogany, and then simply splicing them with modern elements. It is impossible to talk about the word Shen Yun. If so, it is better to buy ordinary solid wood furniture. , can achieve such a effect, but also save a lot of money.

New Chinese-style sofas worth buying are bound to have unique design concepts and perspectives. The application of modern and classical design elements needs to be handy, rather than simply patching and reorganizing. At the same time, from another point of view, a product that has been designed with great care will have corresponding manifestations in quality and workmanship. This is complementary.

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5. Innovation also requires old craftsmanship

The new Chinese mahogany sofa, the mahogany is mostly used to make the frame part of the whole furniture. When purchasing, it is necessary to observe whether this part is made by classical craftsmanship. For example, whether the seat surface, the armrests, and the leg-foot joints use the 榫卯 structure, the details are made in accordance with the traditional furniture crafts.

Nowadays, there are some innovative mahogany sofas, not only the style is new, but also the relatively complicated traditional crafts are omitted in the production process. The sofas produced in this way are greatly reduced in value and craft value.

As a wonderful work in the traditional Chinese craftsmanship, the 榫卯 structure has been perfected by the tempering of time. Undoubtedly, this is the most suitable method for making mahogany utensils, and the new Chinese furniture with glue and nails has been lost. The soul of mahogany furniture. Similarly, if non-mahogany wood is used to make new Chinese furniture, the consideration of traditional craftsmanship can also be the basis for judging the quality of furniture. The persistence of the details of the craftsmanship is precisely where the performance of precision is: if complex classical craftsmanship is adopted It can explain the artistic value and product quality of the product itself.

6. Don't be greedy and compare more

Mahogany furniture is a high-end consumer goods, so it is more important to pay attention to its artistic value and collection potential, especially the purchase of redwood sofas such as red sandalwood and Sian rosewood. Don't start with the products that look good, but need to compare them horizontally in similar products.

At the same time, in addition to the shape, you can pay more attention to the production process, from the details to choose the quality of the mahogany sofa. It is not only cheap to succumb to the moment, but neglecting the examination of the ultimate craftsmanship and artistic value. One penny is the "hard truth" of the market, and the consumer is not so easy to encounter. Borrow a collector's words, "Don't let the business take you as a 'leak'."

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