Comic lovers' home dreams

Comic is a variety of painting art. It uses exaggeration, metaphor, symbolism, personification, and morality. It directly or concealedly and implicitly expresses the author's understanding and attitude towards different worlds. It is a romantic painting with irony or humor. . The main difference between it and other paintings is the unique way of thinking and expression. It has the artistic characteristics of satire and humor as well as social functions such as cognition, education and aesthetics.

Many 80s and 90s are watching the One Piece, and the ideal world in the comics always makes us happy and forgotten.

This group of comic book lovers' home design will satisfy the dreams of comic fans.

The main color of black and white is complemented by a brown cabinet door, a small coffee table with a strong comic color, and a variety of pillows of uniform style.

world map,

Flying monster,


There are also bright red lips.

Comic lovers' home dreams

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Font size decreases font size

Wooden floor,

Cracked wall.

People from all over the world can be invited together at the same time.

Let them perform a bizarre and profound comedy on a screen.

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