Want to buy black walnut furniture? You need to do enough homework!

In recent years, with the improvement of people's home aesthetics, more and more consumers are measuring whether a piece of furniture is worth buying. The standard is no longer limited to appearance, material quality, etc. Whether furniture products are environmentally friendly, valuable, or even Whether it is passed down as a piece of art, it has become a question worth considering. Therefore, the black walnut wood, which is known as the “wood in the wood”, has been widely popular among people.

At the same time, many problems have begun to be exposed. The shoddy on the wood, the environmental protection of the furniture accessories, the after-sales service can not keep up, etc., become a heart disease for consumers when purchasing black walnut furniture. But Xiaobian wants to say that as long as you do your homework, there are no more consumer traps!

Homework 1: Divide the black walnut species and pick the wood from the source

Many people think that black walnut is a kind of wood, which is the place where bad business is opportunistic! In fact, the internationally famous black walnut species are named after regions, such as South American Black Walnut and American Black Walnut. European black walnut and so on.

The black walnut in various regions has different textures and patterns due to local climate differences, soil and air humidity. For example, the black walnuts in South America are black stripe, and the texture is straight and the structure is thick. The stability is poor; European black walnut has strong impact resistance, but because of its uneven color, it affects the appearance of furniture.

In contrast, American black walnut is ideal in all aspects. It is distributed in the eastern and western coasts of the United States. This area belongs to the temperate continental climate. The growth period of trees can reach hundreds of years. The material is hard and fine, and the dimensional stability is good. The shrinkage rate is small, and after cutting, it will show beautiful patterns and has a high collection value. However, due to the high cost of American black walnut.

Homework 2: Accessories must be environmentally friendly, and home life is more assured.

Even the best raw materials, if the later processing of accessories is cut, the value of the furniture products will be greatly reduced, the most obvious is the surface of the damaged texture, rough paint marks, pungent smell. Xiaobian hereby reminds that in the purchase of black walnut furniture, in addition to the basic "one look and two touches", it is best to ask the shopping guide to show the relevant inspection certificate, from the authoritative point of view to ensure the furniture accessories Environmentally friendly.

The reason why American black walnut pure solid wood furniture is not afraid of inspection is because it strictly requires itself. Most of the structure is made of traditional Chinese old-fashioned kneading and smashing process. The adhesive is mainly solid wood jigsaw glue, excluding PCB, Harmful substances such as formaldehyde and heavy metals, and the water-based environmentally-friendly open-cell lacquers are extremely resistant to water, heat and chemicals. The excellence of the structure and accessories gives the top 100 furniture excellent environmental performance, which may provide a reference for consumers who purchase black walnut furniture.

Homework 3: Rejecting the verbal commitment, buying furniture with after-sales protection

Buying furniture is a big deal, not to mention the value of black walnut furniture! After buying the furniture, worry about the business turning face and not recognizing people? The quality problem is shirking responsibility? Oral promise not to count?... Too many unpleasant cases let consumers They are discouraged.

Therefore, Xiao Bian hereby sincerely suggests: We must choose a big brand, with high reputation and reputation. The old brands and big brands with decades of history will definitely reflect the specific after-sales service terms and responsibilities. In the purchase and sale contract, it will dispel the worries of consumers and ensure that consumers buy furniture that has real after-sales protection.

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