Customized wardrobes satisfy all the fantasies of consumers you deserve!

[ Zhonghua Wardrobe ] Customized wardrobes can be used in a variety of flexible and diverse forms. They can be used to meet the ever-changing floor space. You don’t need to be limited by the size of your apartment to choose your favorite wardrobe. You can make full use of every inch of space in the room. The originally irregular space looks more square. Meet the needs of different groups of people, with the flexibility and practicality that traditional wardrobes can't match, so that fashion and beauty are not discounted.

Custom wardrobe

Custom wardrobe renderings

What are the types of custom wardrobes?

First, the wall-mounted wardrobe: so the room type wall-mounted wardrobe, greatly enhance the use of space, not only can effectively expand the living space, but also fashionable new, beautiful and practical, and the overall environment is better harmonious, beautiful and practical.

Second, to the top extension wardrobe: all room type to the top extension wardrobe, tailored wardrobe from the bedroom space, so that each wire per inch space usage rate of 100%, while using the door wardrobe phase, for the traditional door wardrobe, more in line with space physics learn.

Third, Baoliang Baozhu wardrobe: Multi-beam multi-column room type custom wardrobe can fit the beam and column of the bedroom very well. Through this wardrobe rendering, you can easily see the part of the beam and the cylinder perfectly wrapped. It is modified to have both aesthetic appearance and increased storage.

Fourth, the corner wardrobe: the irregular room type corner wardrobe with a reasonable mix, the original dead angle can be fully utilized, and can also reduce the trouble of cleaning the corners of the home, making the space arrangement compact and orderly, but also beautiful!

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