Absolutely fun! This custom wardrobe is used for 30 years.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] New home decoration is completed, the next step is to consider adding furniture! Especially for small spaces in small spaces, this is even more so, how to put furniture to look good and save space? The wardrobe net recommends the matching of the furniture in the common space. I believe that the custom closet in the bedroom will give you a refreshing feeling and add inspiration to your decoration.

【living room】

Home problem one: the long living room will always have such troubles, put down the sofa, how to deal with the remaining space?

Home expansion coup

Design highlights: tailored for the corner of the wall, wine cabinet and casual bar as a partition, in addition to aesthetics, practicality is more appropriate.


Home puzzle 2: Wife must have a lot of clothes in a cloakroom, how to design a wardrobe is reasonable?

Furniture placement skills

Design highlights:

The 1 room has beams and columns, and the custom closet completely accommodates it, making the room look organized.

2 put it down, put it down, just let it go! Want to store more clothes in the wardrobe, it is best to use the top and extension design. Huh!!! Have to be admired by the designer's originality.


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