Increasing market competition, how to improve printing and die cutting production efficiency

Guide: Due to the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, the need to reduce production costs has greatly promoted the use of large format printing and automated large format die-cutting machines.

Nowadays, large-format printing equipment is developing towards thick cardboard and even fine corrugated cardboard. It has changed the processing of large-format cardboard boxes, color boxes and other products by two-piece lap forming process, which can greatly improve the efficiency of printing and post-press processing. It can better reduce or avoid the influence of printing chromatic aberration on the overall color quality of the carton, and avoid the ease of reducing the overall strength and quality of the carton due to the two lap joint molding, as well as increasing the adhesive and labor cost of the splicing molding, and also reducing Due to the increase in the use area of ​​the base paper due to the lap joint, it shows a significant economic advantage in reducing the production cost. Due to the large diameter of the impression cylinder and the transfer cylinder, the large-format printing machine using the double-diameter roller reduces the bending curvature of the printing sheet during the imprinting and paper-feeding process, and the printing adaptability is greatly expanded, and the printing quality is also improved. Good guarantee.

Due to the die-cutting of cardboard packaging products, the labor intensity of production is large, and the work is relatively hard. This is also an objective factor that causes the wages of die-cutting workers to rise sharply. Even if the wages and treatments continue to increase, some factories still have a lack of work. Therefore, die-cutting has always been the bottleneck of production, which is the main reason why carton factories and printing factories often have troubles in die-cutting production. Carton, carton and other packaging and printing products, large format printing with large format, also promotes the application of automated large-format die-cutting machines, which not only better relieves the production pressure of die-cutting, but also greatly reduces die-cutting. Cost of production.

Therefore, it seems that large-format printing and die-cutting can greatly improve the printing and die-cutting production efficiency.

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