"Old partner" meets outdoor sports

"Old partner" meet outdoor sports date: 2016-03-14 16:15

During yesterday’s event, an old partner came to Caidian from Wuchang for health.

I spent 50 minutes jogging all the way. He took more than an hour to walk around. Although we have two time intervals, we start from the starting point and finally meet at the end to feel the joy of exercise and health. Near the end of Guanhu Park, Yu Hao, 56, told reporters that he and 65-year-old Jin Zhihua are like-minded old partners.

Yu Hao said that his physical health benefits from the exercise habits he maintained from his youth. Although his old partner Jin Zhihua was in poor health in the past few years, it was significantly better in the past few years after recovery and exercise.

Jin Zhihua, 65, said that he had to undergo cardiac surgery in 2013 because of a 85% blockage of the heart's blood vessels. After installing two artificial stents in the heart, he escaped. Since then, he has started a moderate amount of exercise and found that his body has gradually improved. This time participating in the Huama also made me feel the beauty and health of nature.

Jin Zhihua said that as long as conditions permit, he will continue to participate in similar outdoor activities with his old partner.

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