Nisshinbo printable synthetic paper using plant polylactic acid as raw material

From the degradable plastics from corn and other plants - polylactic acid as the main raw material, Nisshinbo listed a synthetic paper "Peach Coat LR series". Since both the substrate and the surface coating are polylactic acid, they were identified by the Decomposable Plastics Research Institute as "green plastic R commodities" based on the green plastic identification marking system. Estimates can be applied to pasting labels and cards.

The original polylactic acid film is difficult to absorb printing ink, so there are certain limitations in printing applications. In response to this problem, Nisshinbo applied the polylactic acid as the main component of the surface coating, greatly improving the printability. In terms of thickness, the single-sided coating products for labels, trademarks, and price lists are respectively 55, 105, and 205 μm, and the double-sided coating products for cards, business cards, and banners are 60, 110, and 210 μm, respectively.

Model: Pressing Soup Bowl

Material: Glass

Color: plain white or with decal

Process: press process

Our Opal Glassware is milk-color,odourless,breakage-proof,heat-resistant, microwave-safe,easy-wahsing etc. They can be used in microwave oven and dish-washer. What`s more, it is stronger than ceramics and it can bear radical temperature variation and is healthy to people.

Nowadays the opal glassware is considered as the newest substitutes for traditional ceramics. They are very popular as houseware, hotel supply and gifts. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to cooperate with us. We can offer you good quality with competitive price and upmost service.

Pressing Soup Bowl

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