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High-quality and inexpensive outdoor equipment is the goal pursued by our donkeys. However, good quality and low price itself are a pair of contradictions. For economic reasons, many newcomers who just love outdoor sports face a thousand dollars in the fear of the bags, and turned their attention to the cheaper bags, the price of these bags are mostly in the 100 to 300 Between yuan, basically not a brand-name product, quality and service have a lot of problems. Document.write("");ad_dst = ad_dst+1;The sky won't fall, don't expect to buy the same thing as a 1000 yuan bag for $200. The price usually reflects its value, and there are cheap reasons for it. In addition to the price you have to consider the following several bags quality issues:

1. Fabric. The fabric of the bag must be strong, wear-resistant and waterproof. The fabric of the bag is usually woven from high-strength nylon, and generally XXX D (Denier) is the standard for strength. The larger the value, the better. DuPont's Cordura fabric is very famous, but generally only high-end bags will be used, two or three hundred dollars package can never use such a good fabric! Even if the salesperson assures you, you must also firmly believe it! Because he is lying.

The generally cheap fabrics of the 420D fabric are already strong and can be used for most hiking needs. The branded bags mostly use fabrics with a fabric of 500D or even better DuPont fabrics. These fabrics can be used in harsher environments. . Cheap bags usually have no description of the properties of the fabric. It requires your experience and knowledge. If you are not fully confident or careful, be careful. PU coating can make your bag better waterproof, to see if the surface layer inside the bag is even. However, in order to meet the need of the function of the mountaineering bag, many joints do not have a rain cover when it is heavy rain, and it will be troublesome.

2. The quality of fasteners. The most easily damaged place in the bag may be it, and it is easier to judge the quality of the fastener. The first is to observe the work of the fastener. If the fastener is very rough on the top, the edges of the fastener are also irregular, and the hand feels very bad. OK, then don't read this bag again, it must be "junk"! The fastener's workmanship most intuitively reflects the overall quality of the bag. Secondly, if the fastener works well, in order to better test its performance, the “pin” of the buckle can be bent, and the high-quality fastener can be bent more without breaking. Some owners will take the initiative to help you bend it 90 degrees to prove its quality and reliability. Unclear fasteners that have no markings should also be careful.

3. route. Your bag can't be made of a whole piece of fabric. There must be a place where the nylon thread is sewn. These jobs are done by the machine. The car lines with excellent workmanship should be neat, dense and even. There should be double stitching in the place where it is stressed to ensure it is strong. This link can be seen in the car line of production of the bag's attitude and the performance of the machine.

That kind of thread is everywhere, and the car line is crooked work you still give up! The sturdy fabrics will not give you a deadly blow at a critical moment without a qualified suture!

4. Bear the system. Just to carry the system's performance and workmanship can determine whether the bag is worth buying. It can be seen that piggyback systems are crucial to the entire bag. The piggyback system is the skeleton of the bag. The piggyback system seen on the market is from the simplest TT type consisting of two flat aluminums to the more complex “BIGPACK” “TCS piggyback system” and the X type bears. The purpose of the piggyback system is to distribute the weight reasonably and pass most of the weight to the lower body that the human body can bear. In order to do this, the piggyback system must have a certain structure and strength, except for the titanium alloy used in the top-grade bag, which is almost entirely aluminum alloy material.

The low-cost bags use the TT type backpack system made of flat aluminum made of the cheapest aluminum alloy. You need to pay attention to the following points when choosing your piggyback system: First, the fit of the system to your back. The ideal carrying system should be a S-shape (side) that matches your body curve. When you carry the bag, the bag should fit exactly on your back so that you can distribute the weight. Secondly, the skeleton (including shoulder straps and waistbands) formed by the piggy back system should have a certain strength, which cannot usually be achieved in two or three hundred bags. The softer skeleton deforms when you carry heavy items. At this time, carrying the system can't distribute the weight properly, and the pressure on your shoulders will increase. Maybe this is what many donkeys have described. It's OK to carry a small backpack in a cheap mountaineering package. Again, where the joint between the system (framework) and the bag is the place where the most concentrated forces must be strengthened, the weight of the entire bag is transferred to the frame through the joint between the bag and the frame, and then the skeleton will Weight is distributed to all parts of our body. Some cheap bags do not reinforce the joints and carry the flat aluminum in the system when carrying relatively heavy things and even puncture the bags. This is unfortunate to happen during the trip. After packing the bag and backing it, look at the part of the force, whether the forceful part can transmit the force reasonably, and whether the car line is strong enough. If you feel very mysterious, stop thinking about it and give it up. In low-cost bags, special attention must be paid to the strength of the system (backbone) and the firmness of the joints. Usually these are the most significant differences between branded bags and cheap bags. These two aspects directly determine whether your bag can accompany you through thousands of miles, so you must carefully choose.

5. Overall design. The shape of the bag is different depending on the purpose of use. For example, mountaineering bags and walking bags are different in terms of balance, convenience, and convenience in design. These should be based on their own needs and the actual environment to choose. For example, whether the number of plug-in can meet your needs, whether the color of the bag meets your requirements, whether the overall shape of the bag is suitable for where you are going, and so on. In fact, if the first four items can pass, this item is not very important because we are not yet a professional traveler.

6. About military backpacks. The military backpack is cheap, strong and durable, and can meet some of the requirements of outdoor sports. However, after all, there is a difference between outdoor sports and military use. Military backpacks are obviously not satisfactory in terms of function, comfort, and convenience. If they are used as outdoor sports A military backpack can also be a choice for experience and experimentation. The principle of choosing military backpacks can be referenced to the preceding five aspects.

However, is it not so that we, the less wealthy donkeys, can really buy quality and cheap bags? Again, the sky won't fall. Low prices must have low prices. And most of the reasons we all know are? D? D quality. It is very difficult to find low-cost bags that can truly meet the five aspects mentioned above. Due to price restrictions, these low-cost bags must have such problems.

Once we get deeper and deeper into this sport, we may find that these problems are unbearable. In the end, we must lose the one-of-a-kind bag. When we can't position ourselves accurately in the outdoor sports world, there is a kind of throwing stones to ask for low-priced bags. The meaning of this stone throw is not worth seeing. The wise sees wisdom.

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