J2108 monochrome offset printing machine printing folding carton points analysis

When printing folding cartons with the J2108 monochrome offset printer, the following issues should be noted.

1. Feida aspect

Since the paper used for folding cartons is generally relatively thick, the air suction and the amount of blowing of the air pump should be increased according to the situation at the time of printing. At the same time, the suction and air control valves on Feida should be adjusted accordingly. If necessary, the porous type can be used. Change your mouthpiece into a flat mouthpiece. In short, we should ensure that the normal paper feeding, to avoid the emergence of empty sheets, double sheets, paper skew skew phenomenon.

2. Aspects of rules

When printing, adjust the height of the front gauge and side gauge cardboard according to the thickness of the paper, and adjust the pressure on the paper feeding roller and the brush wheel on the paper feeding board. For thicker paper, the pressure of the paper pressing wheel and the brush wheel should be Bigger. In addition, it is also necessary to check the time of paper-cutting and pull-tab, and the timing of the transfer of the side gauges and grippers, and ensure that the up-down and left-right rules are all accurate.

3. Stress aspects

Due to the thick paper used in the folding cartons, the printing pressure should be appropriately reduced during printing, the liner of the blanket should be thinned, and the pressure should be even to prevent the bad blanket from rolling.

4. Ink aspect

(1) Adjust the ink supply according to graphic conditions.
(2) For the full version of the printed material in the field, if the effect of printing once is not good, it can be printed twice.
(3) Appropriate amount of yellow ink can be added when printing gold ink so that the golden effect after printing is better.

5. Delivery

When printing folding cartons, it is often encountered that the delivery is not uniform and the paper will block the suction outlet. At this time, the suction wheel can be closed to reduce the speed or the countdown second suction wheels can be removed to increase the air volume. Can solve the problem.

Source--"Printing Technology"

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