Degradable Plastics Made from Japanese Industrial Corn

In the report “Biodegradable Polylactic Acid and Membrane from Corn” published by the Eldib Engineering and Research Corporation of the United States, several large Japanese companies were reported to actively implement the industrialization of polylactic acid (PLA) from corn and further production of plastics. Process, product application packaging film, fiber and a variety of injection products.

At present, global plastic production is about 124 million tons, of which about 231,000 tons can be replaced with PlA and other biodegradable plastics, less than 0.2% of the total. Biodegradable plastics come from two sources: one is Cargill's PLA and thermoplastic starch and its blends are renewable resources; the other is from oil and gas synthesis, such as Eastman Chemical Copolyester with DuPont. Recently, the price of natural gas in the world has risen sharply, so more consideration will be given to the production of biodegradable plastics from petroleum development. â—†

30 micron PET Security Custom 3D Hologram Sticker

Feature of 3D Hologram Sticker

1. Kinetic effect

2. Micro text, Hidden text

3. Refraction stereo Logo & Text

Details of Custom 3D Hologram Sticker



Thickness 25micron for sealing, usually 30micron
Shape Square, Circle, Oval, Triangle, etc.
Design Generic patterns, customized pattern, free design.
Size Based on customers' requirements.
Type 3D Hologram Sticker with Pressure Sensitive Glue
Feature Attractive, Anti-countefeit, Kinetic, 3D logo
Combined with other processing Multi color printing; Serial numbers; QR code; UV ink; HS ink etc.
Sample Availabel for free
Packaging PP bag and hologram packaging boxes inside, standard export carton and white packing belt outside.

Diamond Pattern Custom Holographic Stickers

Diamond Hologram Sticker

Colorful printing Combined with Optical Secuirty effect

QR Code Hologram Sticker

These Hologram Sticker is suitable for food, medicine, cosmetic, apparel, cigar& wine, digital products, etc.

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3D Hologram Sticker

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