Photo supplies in use considerations

Photo supplies should pay attention to the following issues in use:

1. When using light cloth printing, the length will become shorter. This should be an objective fact. Because the light cloth has a certain thickness and roughness, the length actually measured is shorter than the length traveled by the pressure roller. Therefore, in the use of light cloth printing, the length can be artificially lengthened, basically in accordance with the ratio of 150:2, that is, 1.5 meters long 2cm, such as 3 meters that is 4cm long, up to 3.04 meters.

2. After several months of outdoor inkjet advertising, the film produced bubbles, wrinkles, or peeling. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon. On the one hand, it may be that the pressure of the film is too small, but the main reason is the quality of the film (tenacity, thickness, speed glue, continuous glue, etc.), and the film on the market The quality is uneven, users must be careful when buying, do not cause many disputes because of the quality of the film.

3. The user reports that the MO. (the image made by the Mac) cannot be opened on the PC. As a result, the business cannot be accessed. There is special software called “Macopen” (Open Apple), which makes the Apple format. Or PC format can be easily opened.

4. When the customer uses the outer coat adhesive film to do the advertising of the car body or the local spray painting on the light box, the edge must be sealed and waterproofed (the edge is treated with three seconds of glue, liquid film, waterproof wax, etc.) to prevent warping ( Film and film separation).

Outdoor adhesive materials, the surface coating is waterproof super fine three layers superimposed, ultra-white delicate, the gap in the coating is arranged at a fixed pitch, the ink can be firmly locked, so that delicate colors, improve color saturation, using Korean adhesive technology , Super glue, to ensure outdoor storage for a long time, and its unique properties that gradually increase the viscosity over time make it easier to post.

Indoor adhesive paper is developed based on pigment inks. The matte surface is delicate and can effectively waterproof. It can be used not only for dye inks, but also for pigment inks with excellent surface and outdoor storage for a short time.

The light box cloth adapted to the oily ink is mainly coated with a cloth, and the coating has strong resistance to stretchability and can be used outdoors for a long period of time.

Source: Chinese inkjet network

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