Packaging ribs shrink film bag

Recently, a thin-film shrink-wrapped bag that cuts long strips of freshly cut pork or steak won a gold medal. The obvious feature of the film is that it will not be punctured by the bones. The product is sliced ​​on the production line, packed into bags of a certain length, and then sealed at the end of the bag.

Film bags were awarded for their technological innovation on the second floor. It is continuously laminated by a patented co-extruded material, resulting in a film that provides a high degree of toughness, shrinkage, transparency, and protection against puncture by bones. The inner layer contains a formulation that can be adapted to operate on various types of container equipment. Films are also suitable for supermarket freezers and display frames due to their high transparency, gloss and excellent shrinkage. Film bags can be printed on both sides of the film and will not fall off in the event of a vibration collision.

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This airless bottle series have included Acrylic Airless Pump Bottles, PP Airless Lotion Bottle and Aluminum Airless Bottle. Airless pump bottles are widely used in filling liquid foundation, skin care essential, lotion and cream etc. Vacuum design can make bio-cosmetics or pure natural cosmetics to keep fresh. And many consumers and cosmetics companies think vacuum bottles can make skincare products to used out because piston can work all serum together from bottom to top, and hardly remaining. Therefore airless Skincare Packaging have won many clients' favour! We have choosed peoples loved lotion bottle's shape, and adopted vacuum design to make elegant airless press bottles. Those regular sizes are available such as 15ml, 30ml & 50ml. Several items even have 100ml available.

Same as cream containers and serum bottles, clients can choose painting/coating colors, injecting colors, UV coating and Metalized processing, as well different finished effect to different parts. Medium sizes design of Airless Bottles is more suit for filling top grade and expensive cosmetics, such as cosmetics essence or whitening serum, deep sea collagen gel etc.

                Airless Bottle

Airless Bottle

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