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Love life, love nature, enjoy travel, sports and life. Zealwood is rooted in the pursuit of an active, healthy, natural and comfortable life.

On long journeys, hard walks and mountaineering activities, zealwood's excellent socks and underwear products help you eliminate sweat, cold, keep you in shape, and enjoy adventure and travel.

Merino Wool Merino Wool
Merino Wool is 100% natural fiber material and is the best gift of nature. Merino Wool maintains optimal body temperature by continuously controlling skin moisture, helping your body stay warm and breathable, giving you the most lasting comfort.
Merino wool has a silky soft touch, light and strong, very good isolation and breathability, leaving no smell, even if it is moist, it can keep warm, quick dry, it will not itchy skin, it is like part of your body, Breathing exercise together.
More importantly, this kind of ecological resources can be continuously regenerated and can be completely natural degradation and return to nature.

Zealwood has completely self-designed, unique product display props, provides a variety of display props to meet different needs, can meet the needs of different shopping malls design display rack, pop. It can even be customized according to the requirements of the dealer. Every year, zealwood invests a great deal of effort and money to improve product display, aiming to help dealers increase sales.

ACROSS Traversator
Medium-grade buffer design for hiking, crossing activities and low altitude climbing.

TREKKER Trekkers
Medium-grade buffer design for hiking in the mountains, long trips, keeping feet cool and comfortable

Ski socks
Merino wool weaves, soft and comfortable, warm and breathable. Specifically designed for skiing and skiing, all-round and comfortable protection of the feet.

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