Fat removed by liposuction contains new type of pluripotent stem cells

According to the physicist organization network recently, UCLA obstetrics and gynecology researchers have isolated a group of primary anti-stress human pluripotent stem cells, which can be easily collected from adipose tissue and can also be differentiated into adults Multiple cell types without the need to modify genes. The research lasted two years and related papers were published in the recent "Public Science Library · Comprehensive".

These cells are called multi-line stress tolerance (Muse-AT) stem cells and come from fat, animal fat, or tissue. It was discovered that they were due to a "scientific accident", when a device in the laboratory failed, killing all stem cells in the experiment-except Muse-AT cells. The research team further found that Muse-AT cells can not only survive under extreme stress, but may even be activated by stress.

The researchers explained that these pluripotent stem cells were isolated from the fat removed by liposuction, exhibited the characteristics of many embryonic stem cells, and could differentiate into muscle, bone, fat, heart tissue, neurons, and liver cells. After genetic feature testing, they are proved to have special functions, and they can "wake up" and be regenerated into various tissues after being transplanted back to the body.

The paper points out that because liposuction is safe and non-invasive, the separation of Muse-AT cells requires a simple and efficient purification technique, which is expected to provide an ideal source of pluripotent stem cells. Muse-AT cells may have a critical impact on the field of regenerative medicine.

The purification and separation of Muse-AT cells does not require cell sorters or other special high-tech equipment. They can grow into cell pellets under suspension, or stick together to form cell clusters, very similar to human embryonic stem cells collected from embryoid bodies.

"We have been able to use a simple and effective method from obtaining adipose tissue to isolating these cells in only 6 hours." Said the paper's senior author and UCLA obstetrics and gynecology associate researcher Greg Chasenbock said, "This study Provides exciting new sources: adipose stem cells with pluripotency characteristics, and methods for quickly isolating them. These cells behave more fundamentally than adipose stem cells and are expected to become better regenerative medicine resources. "

At present, embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells are the two main sources of pluripotent cells. However, they show uncontrolled ability during differentiation and proliferation, leading to unwanted malformations or tumors, and there is currently little progress in solving this defect. Tohoku University in Japan has used animal models to prove that Muse cells will not produce malformed tumors. The UCLA team will also conduct further experiments on Muse-AT cells to determine whether they can avoid malformed tumors.

Muse-AT cells also help people understand cancer cells better. They are the only ones that show such strong anti-stress ability except cancer cells. Chasenbock said: "They are lurking in adipose tissue until they face a harsh environment and survive in an environment where only cancer cells usually survive. After further research and clinical trials, they are expected to revolutionize many diseases Treatment options, including heart disease, stroke, tissue damage, and neurodegeneration. "

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