Corrugated box type standard

(I) International Carton Box Type Standard

There are two major categories of international corrugated box standards. One is the International Carton Box Standard, which was approved by the International Corrugated Board Association and jointly developed by the Federation of European Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers (FEFCO) and the Swiss Board Association (ASSCO); One is the national standard of Japan and the United States. In the international carton box type standard, the textual name of the box type is indicated by a simple 4-bit to 8-digit number code, and various types of boxes are shown in the standard.

The uniform serial number indicates the different box type structure in the same box type, and the modification is the modification of the standard box type by each manufacturer. Different manufacturers of modified suffix code represent different types of boxes, but the same manufacturer should be the only one dedicated. Suffix codes facilitate the creation of a CAD/CAM library or a dedicated library gallery.

Such as commonly used type 02 carton, also known as slotted cartons, using a sheet of cardboard molding, Siamese upper and lower flaps can close the carton. The joints are generally joined at the carton factory by means of staples, adhesives or adhesive tapes. The length of the joints depends on the thickness of the corrugated board used, typically between 25 mm and 45 mm. Type 02 also has a bottom insert structure, which is characterized by preventing the contents from leaking from the bottom. Type 02 corrugated boxes are flat during transportation. When used, they are filled with sealing flaps and are most widely used.

(b) Domestic carton box type standard

China has developed the national standard GB/T6543-2008 “Single Corrugated Carton and Double Corrugated Carton for Transportation Packaging” with reference to international standards. It specifies the basic box type for single corrugated cartons and double corrugated cartons for transport packaging. The box type codes are shown in the following table. .

China's corrugated box type code

Category No. Box No.

02 0204 0205 0206

03 :0310 0325

04 :0402

09 :0900~0976

The code of the box type specified in this standard consists of four digits. The first two digits of the code indicate the box type, and the last two digits indicate the different carton patterns of the same type of box.

At present, China's commonly used corrugated boxes are mainly 02 categories in the standard, namely A-type boxes in the US and Japan standards. In category 02, there are 0201 boxes (flat carton), 0202 carton (overlap carton), and 0203 carton (large carton). The above box-type structures are all designed according to the needs of the packaged goods, and the carton is generally flat. The structure of the spouted carton has a protective effect on certain commodities, such as some volume-expanding cotton clothes, etc., which will compress after being pressed for a certain period of time. If a flat carton is used for packaging, the flaps on both sides of the carton must not be together. Expose the contents of the box. The use of a spouted cartons is more appropriate, and the number of spouts can be based on specific circumstances. The neatly-covered carton is neat in appearance and has better protection performance for the contents than the first two. However, the consumption of raw materials is also relatively large and the production process is somewhat complicated.

Model 03 is a nested type carton. It is a box composed of a few sheets of box blanks. Its feature is that the box is separated from the box lid (top lid, bottom lid). When used, the lid and box are sleeved.

Type 04 is a folding carton, usually consisting of a piece of corrugated cardboard, folded into the bottom of the box, without nailing or bonding, production can also be manufactured according to the requirements of other types of ordering contract.

China's corrugated carton code is defined by the type of corrugated board, which is divided into 3 categories and divided into 5 categories, corresponding to the type of corrugated board. All kinds of corrugated box code, specifications and use occasions can be found in the national standard. Type 1 cartons are mainly used for the transportation and packaging of export and valuables, and do not use B or BB corrugated; Type 2 cartons are mainly used for the transport packaging of domestic products; 3 types are mainly used for the transportation and packaging of short-distance and low-value commodities.

In the design or selection of corrugated boxes, consideration should also be given to the selection of suitable corrugated board, including corrugated type, number of layers of cardboard, original paper specifications, etc., which are clearly defined in the relevant standards and materials.

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