Advantages and disadvantages of cold stamping technology in the market

The outstanding advantages of cold stamping technology mainly include the following aspects:

(1) There is no need for special hot stamping equipment, and the prices of these equipment are usually relatively expensive.

(2) It is not necessary to make a metal hot stamping plate, and an ordinary flexible plate can be used. Not only the plate making speed is high, but also the cycle time is short, and the production cost of the hot stamping plate can also be reduced.

(3) Fast hot stamping, up to 450fpm.

(4) No need for heating devices and energy savings.

(5) The use of a photosensitive resin plate can be used to simultaneously finish the registration of the halftone image and the on-site color patch, ie, the halftone image and the field patch to be hot stamped can be formed on the same hot stamping plate. Of course, just like the reconciliation of the real-world color block system to the same printing plate, both the hot stamping effect and the quality may have a certain loss.

(6) The hot stamping substrate has a wide range of applications. Hot stamping can also be performed on heat-sensitive materials, plastic films, and in-mold labels.

However, cold stamping technology also has certain deficiencies, mainly including the following two points.

(1) Cold-printing graphics usually require film or glazing for secondary processing protection, which increases the cost of stamping and the complexity of the process.

(2) The coated high-viscosity adhesive has poor leveling and is not smooth, which causes diffuse reflection on the surface of the cold stamping foil, which affects the color and gloss of the hot stamping graphic, thereby reducing the appearance of the product.

Cold stamping technology has provided new opportunities for printing companies. Its greatest advantage is less investment, or even no investment at all. Another outstanding advantage is the high cost performance, which is also the biggest selling point of cold stamping technology.

As an industry insider said: "For customers, the cost-effectiveness of cold stamping technology is higher, which can help customers increase the added value of the products, and it is very cost-effective." In addition, since the cold stamping technology does not require the production of expensive hot stamping, So it is very suitable for short-lived, low-quality labeling and proofing production. However, compared with the hot stamping technology, the cold stamping technology still has certain defects in quality and needs to be further improved. Therefore, the cold stamping technology is not suitable for the processing of high quality packaging and label products.

Although gold and silver ink printing can also achieve metallic gloss decorative effects similar to those of hot stamping, and gold and silver ink printing technologies have also made great progress, they still cannot achieve the result of hot or cold stamping technology. The kind of intense visual impact.

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