101A series drying oven instructions | 202 series drying oven instructions

101 type 101A electric heating blast drying oven, 202 type electric heating drying oven


The maximum working temperature of 101 and 202 electric heating ovens is 300 ℃. It is suitable for baking, oven heat treatment or other heating purposes. It is also a standing instrument in the laboratory.

The working temperature of the drying oven can be increased from room temperature to 30 ℃ to the highest temperature. Within this range, the working temperature can be arbitrarily selected. After selection, the temperature can be constant by the automatic control system in the box.

The working room of 202 electric heating oven uses the proportion of cold and hot air to promote convection to make the indoor temperature uniform. The 101 type blast drying oven is equipped with an electric blower, which promotes mechanical convection of indoor hot air and makes the indoor temperature more uniform.

The drying box has a precise structure, sensitive and accurate temperature control, and is easy to operate. It can be used in industrial and mining and scientific research units of colleges and universities.

The 101A blast drying oven is the updated product of the 101 type. It adopts the most novel digital display instrument for temperature measurement. The temperature control is sensitive, accurate, fresh and intuitive. The 101A model has the same structure, performance and specifications except for the different temperature measurement and control methods and the 101 model.


The drying box is composed of thin steel plates, and the glass fiber is used as the insulation material between the working room and the outer shell of the box body. There is a glass door between the box doors for observing the working room.

Opening the exhaust valve at the top of the box can make the cold and hot air at the working room temperature convection exchange, and the temperature control is automatically adjusted by a thermal expansion controller or a digital display instrument. All electrical control equipment is installed in the control layer on the box side. There are side doors on the control floor that can be removed for inspection or repair of wiring.

The electric heater is installed under the working room in the cabinet, and is divided into two groups, namely "heating 1" and "heating 2", and there are indicator lights to indicate the heating work, the light is on to indicate the electric heating work, and the light is off to indicate that the heating is stopped.

Use and attention

1. After connecting the power supply, you can turn on the 2 sets of heating switches, and then turn the thermostat from the "0" position clockwise to the "100" index. At this time, the temperature in the box starts to rise, the indicator light is on, and it can be turned on at the same time Blower switch to make the blower work.

2. Type 101 and Type 202 drying ovens, when the temperature rises to the required working temperature (observed from the thermometer in the exhaust valve hole), turn the knob of the thermostat counterclockwise and turn it until the indicator is extinguished. Then make a fine adjustment clockwise until the indicator lights. Adjusting this way until the indicator light alternately goes on and off is the constant temperature point. At the beginning of the constant temperature, it is likely that the temperature will continue to rise. This is the effect of residual heat. This phenomenon will be stable in about half an hour. During the constant temperature process, the temperature is automatically controlled by the thermostat in the box, and manual management is not required.

3. After the 101A drying oven is ready for the above, turn the switch of the digital display instrument panel to "preset" to set the required operating temperature (observe the instrument display). After the selection, turn the switch to "temperature measurement" to work.

4. At constant temperature, a group of heating switches can be turned off, and a group of DC electric heaters can work. To avoid excessive power, affect the temperature sensitivity.

5. If you want to observe the samples in the studio, you can open the outer door and observe it through the glass door in the box. However, the door of the box should be opened infrequently, so as not to affect the constant temperature and cause the glass to suddenly cool and burst.

6. The box should be placed indoors.

7. An iron shell knife switch should be installed in the power supply line for this box only, and the shell should be grounded.

8. Before energizing, first check the electrical performance of this box, and pay attention to whether there is a circuit break or leakage.

9. When everything is ready, you can put in the test product, close the door, insert a thermometer in the top exhaust valve, and unscrew the exhaust valve at the same time, the gap is about 10m / m, then you can connect the power supply ,start working.

10. The side door cannot be arbitrarily removed to disturb or change the line. Only when the box fails, the side door can be removed and checked one by one according to the line. If there is a major failure, please contact our factory.

11. This box is a non-explosion-proof drying box, so it contains flammable and volatile materials. Do not put it in the drying box to avoid explosion.

12. Two sample shelves are attached to each drying oven. The average load of the shelf is 15 kg. When placing the test sample, do not over-density and overload, so as not to affect the hot air convection. At the same time, the sample cannot be placed on the heat sink at the bottom of the studio to prevent overheating and damage to the sample.

101A series drying oven instructions | 202 series drying oven instructions

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