What are the test requirements for carton compressive strength?

What are the test requirements for carton compressive strength? When the carton is tested, different carton tests will also be different. The carton compressive strength is the most important quality indicator for many commodity packaging requirements. During the test, the corrugated cardboard box is placed between the two pressure plates and pressed until the carton is crushed. The pressure, which is the compressive strength of the carton, is expressed by KN . Next, Haida Xiaobian describes what requirements are needed for the carton compressive strength.

1 , predetermined carton compressive strength

The cartons require a certain degree of compressive strength. The cartons stacked at the lowest level during the storage and transportation of the packaged goods are subjected to the pressure of the upper cartons so as not to collapse and require appropriate compressive strength. The compressive strength of the cartons is as follows: Formula calculation:

P=KW ( n-1 )

Where P ---- carton compressive strength, N

W ---- Carton weight after loading, N

n ---- number of stacking layers

K ---- safety factor of stacking

The number of stacking layers n is determined from the stacking height H and the individual carton height h , n=H/h

2. The stacking safety factor is determined according to the number of layers of the cargo stacking code, and the national standard specifies:

Storage period is less than 30d to take K=1.6

Storage period 30d-100d take K=1.65

Storage period is greater than 100d to take K=2.0

3 , calculate the compressive strength of the carton according to raw materials

1 ) After booking the carton compressive strength, choose the appropriate carton board and corrugated paper to produce corrugated cartons to avoid waste caused by blind production;

2 ) There are many formulas to calculate the compressive strength of the carton based on the ring pressure strength of the base paper, but the more concise and practical is the kellicutt formula, which is suitable for estimating the compressive strength of the 0201 carton.

4. How to determine the compressive strength of the carton

1 ) The impact of various factors in the production process, the compressive strength of the carton produced with raw materials is not necessarily consistent with the estimation result, and the final method to accurately determine the compressive strength of the corrugated carton is to use the carton compression test after constant temperature and wet treatment of the carton. Machine test

2) For the small and medium sized factory test equipment for free, can build a wooden top carton, the same amount of weight on the stacked board, carton compressive strength estimated meets the requirements;

What are the test requirements for carton compressive strength? Through the above four explanations, users can follow the above method when doing tests

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