Digital inkjet printing ink technology

The active dyes of active groups such as monochlorotriterpenium and monofluorotriethylsulphonyl sulfate are used in digital inkjet printing inks. First, the inorganic salts in the dyes are removed by membrane separation methods such as ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. 1,2 - Propyl Alcohol or N - Methyl - 2 - Pyrrolidone etc. as a Soluble Solvent, Methyl Cellulose, Ethyl Cellulose or Alginate, etc. as Thickening Agent, plus Human PH Buffer Inkjet ink was mixed with anti-mould agent and printed with a micro-piezo inkjet printer to obtain better results.

Canon applied for a patent for the preparation of disperse dye ink jet inks. The dye used was C. I. Disperse Yellow 7, 54, 64. 70, 71, 100, 242; C, I. Disperse orange 25, 37, 119; CI disperse red SO, 6O, 65, 146, 239; C. 1. Disperse violet 27 C. 1. Disperse blue 26, 35, 55, 56, 81:1, 91, 366, etc. The process is as follows: The dispersant, the deionized water and the organic solvent are uniformly mixed, a sand mill is placed, and the zirconium beads are added for sanding. After the sanding is finished, the coarse particles are filtered out to prepare a dye dispersion.

The processing method is: adding dyes to deionized water, adding organic solvent such as diethylene glycol, stirring for two hours, and filtering to obtain ink. Viscosity modifiers, surface tension modifiers and optical brighteners may be added as necessary, and the importance of fabric pretreatment is emphasized. The resulting ink can be printed with a thermal foaming inkjet printer. Pigment-type ink-jet printing inks are also the focus of recent development. Such inks can be used for various fibers and their blended fabrics, do not require pretreatment of fabrics, and can obtain satisfactory various color fastnesses.

At present, there are some ink-jet printing ink series products available, but with incomplete statistics, there are roughly the following products: Cibacron's production of reactive dye inks for cellulose fiber ink-jet printing has nine varieties, namely Cibacron. Yellow MI-100, Golden Yellow MI-20O, Orange MI-3O0, Red MI-400, Red MI-500, Blue MI-6OO Turquoise MI-7O0, Grey MI-8O0, and Black MI-gOO; for silk, wool, and poly There are seven types of acid dye inks for the printing of cool amine fiber, which are the Lanaset Yellow SI-100. Red SI-ZOORed SI-30O. Blue SI-4O0, Turquoise SI-500, Grey SI-600 and Black SI-700; seven types of disperse dye inks used for polyester ink jet transfer printing or direct ink-jet printing, Terasil Yellow TI-IOOO , Orange TI-ZOOO Red TI-3000, Turquoise TI-4000, Blue TI-5000, GreyTI-60O0 and Black TI-7000; There are nine varieties of common pigment inks used for inkjet printing of various textiles, namely IrgaphorYellow TBI. — IOO'Golden Yellow Till-20O, Red TBI-30O, Navy TBI-400, llule TBI-500, Green TBI-600, Grey T13I-7O0, 13lack TBI-80O and Cleanjet CS, where Cleanjet CS is an accessory dedicated Cleaning agents; High-concentration pigment inks are available in seven varieties, Irgaphor Yellow T131-15o HC, Cfolden YelloWTll-25O HC, Red TBI-35O HC, Magenta T13I-38O HC Book Till-55O HC. Gre. N Till-65O HC and Black TI3I-850HC. There are seven types of inks for silk and nylon inkjet printing produced by DuPont, namely Artistri acid dye yellow, acid dye orange, and acid dye magenta. Acid dyes blue, acid dye blue, acid dye green and acid dye black; pigment inks used in all kinds of textile printing are seven varieties, Arti. Tri pigment yellow, pigment red. Pigment magenta, pigment cyan, pigment green, pigment violet and pigment black.

BASF's disperse dye inks are graded I3afixan, and pigment inks are HehZarin. Premixed Inkjet Ink For premixed inkjet printing, the nozzles can be made relatively coarse because they do not require very high resolution, and the required roundness of the ejected ink drops is relatively low. Therefore, the requirements for dyes are also low, and most commercially available liquid dyes can be used simply by simple microfiltration. For example, information is provided that satisfactory results can be obtained by using Kayacion liquid reactive dyes made by Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. as inks for ink-jet printing using a pre-mixing method. Therefore, using this method for inkjet printing, the cost of the dye is similar to that of ordinary printing.

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