Technical Requirements for UN 4GV Packaging Containers for Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods refer to articles that are explosive, flammable, poisonous, corrosive, radioactive, etc., and that need special protection in the process of transportation, loading and unloading, and storage, which are likely to cause personal injury or death and damage to property. Because of the lack of licensed packaging, many dangerous goods were rejected at random checks by transporters or airports. In addition to dangerous goods that may leak, it may also cause damage to the surrounding environment due to leakage.

Imagine your company must compensate for the crash of an aircraft, because your cargo was not properly packaged and it crashed.

There are four universal codes internationally for the transport of dangerous goods:

1.ADR (road transport road transport)
2.ICAO/IATA (air transport air transport)
3.IMDG (sea carriage sea)
4.RID (rail haulage rail transport)

These codes are consistent with the UN's recommendations for classification, labeling, and packaging. These four codes, in turn, classify the hazards into nine levels, basically including more than 3,000 substances and their UN codes.

Corrugated carton box has excellent pressure resistance, anti-jamming and moisture-proof performance. It has strong protection properties for goods, and it has good tightness. This is more suitable for the packaging of dangerous goods. As a dangerous goods manufacturer, importer and exporter, and also a user of packaging and transportation, it is of course very necessary to obtain laws or regulations concerning dangerous goods in the destination of goods, and it is a good way to carry out UN certification of packaging containers.

UN 4GV packing box
For the packaging box, it is often referred to as UN 4GV certification. With a 4GV box, it means that dangerous goods can be legally transported without the need for specific inspections and tests.

A typical 4GV code is as follows:


● UN - United Nations packaging symbol. UN packaging label ● 4GV - 4 means packing box, G stands for sturdy cardboard or corrugated board, V means it has passed the test with the contents.
● X96 - indicates that the total weight of the box should not exceed 96 kg ● S - indicates "solid", ie solid content ● 02 - indicates the year of production ● DK - DK is the manufacturing country, here Denmark ● ETI - said The packaging and transportation division of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce has detected and approved this package, with the following number being the approval number.

All packaging must have a label that indicates the size and proper storage environment, and this label should be durable and readable.

Packaging requirements for inner packagings for fragile containers
The following describes the specific packaging requirements for a fragile container (such as a glass bottle) for content packaging:

A. Open a carton box with a 4GV logo;

B. Seal the bottom of the carton with reinforced sealing tape;

C: Place a PP plastic bag with a thickness of 100um in the packaging box, as shown in Figure 1;

D: Place a moisture absorbent material with a minimum thickness of 30 mm at the bottom of the package;

(to be continued)


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