Ice cones use little knowledge [Photos]

In order to ensure the firmness and security of the fixed point, the ice cone should be at an angle of 10-15 degrees with the vertical line of ice.

Do not hang ice cones and other equipment such as rope jackets into the same iron locks when you carry the equipment. This is very difficult to use when wearing gloves. Hang the ice cone into a large bent door iron lock, hang it on the front belt harness or gear sling, which makes it easier to remove the ice cone with one hand.

When the direction of force is unreasonable, change the orientation of the ice cone by applying a quick-hanging or rope-sleeve. To ensure that when the climber falls, the protection point will not pull out or fall off due to unreasonable force.

When the ice surface is thin, you should use a short cone of ice. If the cone of ice can not be fully screwed into the ice surface, do not hang it into the cone of ice cone. Apply the sleeve to the ice cone to reduce the cone of ice. Torque.

A unique protection point setting method, using ice cones to hit two connected ice holes on the ice, and then into the rope cover, to use deeper than 180mm cones to play deeper holes, the ice surface requirements for solid hard ice, do not Break the ice. This protection point can only be used for descent or use with other protection points.

More pitch climbing, ice cones to be used repeatedly, but this time the ice cone filled with ice core, can not continue to use, wait for the ice core to dissolve slightly, blow out in a timely manner. In this way, you can continue to use it. If the weather is cold, you can hold the ice cone with your hand to accelerate the melting of the ice core.

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