Mountain Climbing in the Knight-errant Novels - Reading Liang Yusheng's "The Story of the Glaciers"

The time of reading "The Tradition of the Glacier Heaven" was still very small. I hadn't even touched it. I almost forgot what I said in this Wrapped Binding Book. I only remember that I said at the end was a group of martial arts masters who climbed Mount Everest. Things. Many years later, I fell in love with mountaineering. I suddenly remembered one day about the mountain climbing in The Glacier Heavenly Girl Biography. I found a pirated disc and studied the mountaineering in the eyes of the novelist. You know, a look shocked! So I extracted the relevant content and compared it with the data I knew. Although it was compared with the virtual people, the result was still very interesting.

First explain the age of climbing in the book: It was in the middle of the Qing Dynasty and it was twenty years after Emperor Qianlong. The reason why this group of martial arts masters climbed Mount Everest was because of a gambling game.

“Jin Shih-shih’s thoughts are just to be able to climb Mount Everest before his death. I haven’t felt anything on the first and second days. On the third day, I’m getting higher and higher, but I feel that breathing is becoming increasingly difficult. Without the knowledge of modern people, of course, it is not known that this is due to the lack of oxygen in the mountains. To know that at the beginning of this century, European climbers still believed that the 8000 km is the “limit” of mountaineering and the Himalayas is 8882 m (not Liang Yusheng copied the wrong number. He quoted the data published by Hillary who first climbed Everest in 1953. It is also the highest point of the earth. Jin Shiyi's climbing height at this time is already close to seven kilometers. This height is obviously in conflict with the latter, and it is changed to more than 5,000 meters.) But the higher it gets, the harder it is to go. Jin Shiyi looks to the ever-climbing Everest, Everest is like a giant The gemstones are crystal-clear and beautiful in the blue sky and white clouds, and they are so tempting, but they are as elusive as possible. Jin Shih-shih has played heroes all over the world, and at this time he looks at Mount Everest and feels a little discouraged. He still Yong forward. "(Boy, he's a zero equipment Everest ah! Impressed!)

"Jim Shih-jeng took a deep breath and rushed toward the "Ice Tower" (about 5,900 meters above sea level). He stepped up and stepped on the ice, suddenly touched something and looked down, but it turned out to be It was the body of a foreigner who had not been buried in the snow for many years. There were many climbing equipments next to the body, and the rope clothes had been weathered and rotted. The tentacles became crushed, and the face was still alive. After discovering a dead body, Jin Shi sighed and said: "For thousands of years, I do not know how many people buried the snow because of climbing the first peak of this world. After two or two days, I will follow them in the footsteps of them. It! "(Jin Shih-jung actually discovered the remains of foreign mountaineers! Historical records, the history of humans climbing Mount Everest first began in 1893, but this time and in 1904, the 3rd ascension organized by the British Army in 1913." The opposition of the local people did not really start. It was only in 1921 that the British mountaineering team entered Tibet for the first time to organize mountaineering activities. It is customary to regard this as the first mountaineering of Mount Everest.)

The "Ice Tower" seems to be not far away. After he spent most of the day, he still hasn't arrived. The dry food brought by Jin Shiyi has already been eaten. Fortunately, there are also some animals in the mountains, and they are rare birds and animals that are not seen elsewhere. The little panda leaps in the snow. When he meets people, he does not even know that she is evasive. She is very cute. She looks like a naughty doll. Jin Shi’s relic must not beat it. She lays down a few yellow-billed crows with stones and hunted a snow chicken. (Maybe it's Kim Dae-hyun's hallucination, so he saw the panda. But he actually hit the Himalayan yellow-billed crow. At last he was still on the right path. However, if he went down to Liang Yusheng, he still said that he missed his mouth. So where does the high place come from? Dead branches? He took a flint with him and rubbed it for a long time before he wiped out Mars. Some of the mountains had dead branches and leaves and they could be used as fuel. But it took more than three times more time to cook than flat flowers. Jin Shih died in those two places. The relics of the “Mountain Climbers” brought out a water-filled tin device. (Oh, this is another common-sense question. How can a tin device be used in this low-temperature environment? Here is another story: 1867 In winter, the temperature in Petersburg, Russia dropped to minus 38 degrees Celsius, and a strange thing happened in the navy warehouse of Petersburg, Russia, in the following winter: The large number of tin bricks piled up in the warehouse suddenly disappeared overnight, leaving behind It was a pile of gray powder like mud. In the same winter, when the military coat was taken out of the warehouse and sent to the Russian soldiers, the buttons were gone, and a closer look showed that there were some gray powders in the buttons. One phenomenon is called "tin-bismuth," and its scientific explanation is that tin has three allotropes, namely white tin, brittle tin, and gray tin. White tin expands abruptly when the temperature drops below 13.2 degrees Celsius. Empty space between When it is increased, it becomes a gray tin of another crystalline form. If the temperature drops to -33 degrees Celsius, it will produce "tin," and the tin crystal will turn into powder tin.) Put ice cubes inside, Burned for an hour, the water has not yet rolled. Jin Shiyi eats two crows, half of a snow chicken, and half a dozen warm waters. The strength recovers slightly and he goes forward again. ”

“On the face is a big glaciers. There is a huge granite on the glaciers. It is supported by a large ice block like a hill. It has a giant “mushroom” in shape (here it should be the ice tongue zone of the East Rongbuk Glacier). The sun has already fallen, and a new moon shed the cold and clear light on Mount Everest, the peaks covered the snow, the night of the Himalayas, and was immersed in the snowy landscape, surrounded by a few miles of scenery, or Seeing clearly, the emerald-like glaciers and the jewel-like ice tower constitute a wonderful picture, a marvelous and unparalleled picture! This is the generous gesture of heavenly gods, and it has visualized the godly realm of this world! However, the realm of this fairy is Why is it so lonely, how cold it is! In addition to listening to his own breath, Jin Shih-hshen has a white face in front of him and can't see anything that has any life. Jinshi’s legacy only feels that he is about to suffocate. Or drum brave forward, he shakes the body of ice and snow, like a great determination, shaking off all attachments and memories of the world, will cast the following world with Li Yongmei behind.The face is a vertical Cracks, blocking the way, cracks deep and narrow, like a vertical "ice alley" (here 6860 meters above sea level, "Ice alley" was the name of the Chinese national team in the 1960 reconnaissance of the Beibei opened It is about 20 meters high and is an ice crack that is about 1 meter wide.) Jin Shimin could not find a way out and had to get into the "ice alley." "Hutong" was a secret dark, although the ice and snow on top of the cold In front of him, Jin Shiyi felt exhausted and numb his limbs, but he had to sit cross-legged in the “Ice Alley,” but he couldn’t do his job, but he couldn’t do as usual. Breathing breath. Sitting for a long time, infuriating can not pass through the twelve-fold. Jin Shiyi spent half a night in a half awake, and spent two long nights.” (so high altitude can also be zero The equipment stays open for two nights without frostbite, but in the end it is a master!).

“On the second day, the sun passed through the ice alley, and Jin Shih’s energy was restored slightly. He moved forward again and took a long time before he reached the end of the ice alley, and he had to climb on it again. Although there was only twenty in this ice alley, Zhang Gao (probably copying wrongly here, copying rice into Zhang Zhang!), but it is very hard to climb. The cold wind cuts the body like a knife, sweat is still falling from the forehead, and Jin Shiyi even has several After falling down from the middle, I finally climbed to the top of the alley but I saw the sun going through the sky. Jin Shi sighed with regret. His life time was not enough for two days! ...... Going for a while, see a Snow sheep passed by the side, and Jin Shimao hurried to chase snow sheep (also snow sheep!!)... It was hard to lay two yellow-billed crows, and gave birth to a half-day fire. A lot of dry branches lost their leaves.) The crows were cooked, the crows were rough and they had a good taste, but they were considered the most delicious delicacies in Jin Shiyi. After a long time, the scenery in front of him was abruptly changed. "Ice alley," above is a slope with a slope of about 30 degrees and a length of more than 200 meters. At the end of the road is a steep ice slope with a gradient of about 50 meters and a slope of about 70 degrees. At an altitude of 6,950 meters, climbing to the top of the north can be considered as one of the three major hazards on the north side of the road. "The door to the Everest has been opened." At the top of Beibei is “Camp 4”, which is 7029 meters above sea level.) This is a protruding mountain area. The wind is the most affected. The wind is drizzled with snow and it is hard to make progress. The Himalayas peaks, They are covered all the year round. Only the peaks above this place are often blown away by winds, and the north side of the mountain is the hillside facing the Jin Shi Yi. The snow has been blown clean and exposed. Rocks, with the surrounding landscape is not harmonious, even more cold and lonely feeling, it is scary!"

“Jin Shih-jang moved forward in the hurricane and climbed into darkness before passing through this protruding mountainous area (the 7032 meters to 7450 meters above sea level is the second line of the Northern Line). All of them have been crushed and bloodied, and they have had wildfires on the hillside. They slept one night and got up early in the morning to get two wild excrement (hare?! Wildfire?! As the saying goes: If nothing but three, how could Leung old man be able to I'll be annoyed when playing wild game, wild fire, etc.! It's annoying to you!) After you've got your stomach, you're moving forward. This is already the last day of Kim Seki's life. Everest is right in front of him, it seems that Not far away, but Mount Everest towers into the clouds, that is, climbed Everest, how long will it take to reach the peak?There is only a short one-day time limit, the desire of Jin Shiqin to conquer Everest seems desperate. However, he only had one thought at this time, to reach Everest, to create a human miracle! Whether or not desperation, he is still bravely marching forward. Later, the harder the more difficult, Jin Shiyi mouth wide open desperately Qi, still feel chest closed Breathlessly, the violent northwest winds hit the peaks of the North Peak and the main peak, with ice storms and snow particles like torrential rain, roaring, rolling, forming a strong whirlwind (where the wind is minimal There are also 8th grade!), Kinshi's will not move! On the ground is almost an inch of crawl. Hands touching the rocks of Everest, Jin Shiyi's hands and feet have long been numb, and suddenly felt a cold The gas, the spirit of the steep uplifted, finally reached the rock of Everest! It seemed that the patient who had returned to the light was stimulated by a strong heart, and Jin Shiyi went up and up desperately. Suddenly, Venus blinked in front of him. In addition to the illusion of a group, nothing can be seen.The last moment has arrived... ......It is powerless, his hands are loose, he immediately fell to the foot of Mount Everest, he did not conquer Everest, but he conquered Mount Everest. "(See here, I'd rather believe that Jinshi's got brain edema!)


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