Germany and Japan cooperate to invent new banknote anti-counterfeiting technology

German and Japanese researchers recently collaborated on the invention of a very simple and effective anti-counterfeiting technology: direct micro-organic circuits printed on banknotes. This method is very different from the commonly used complex printing techniques such as watermarking, color changing ink, or implanting 3D security thread, and preliminary experiments have proved that the anti-counterfeit effect is very good.

The US dollar, Swiss franc, yen and euro are experimental subjects and aluminum oxide, gold and organic molecules are directly printed on these currencies to form multilayer thin film transistors. In the end, scientists successfully printed 100 thin-film transistors on each bank note. They only need 3 volts to work, and the power supply can be provided by wireless devices.

At present, the researchers have not found a way to prevent the counterfeiting of such banknotes, but this experiment can at least prove that it is entirely feasible to directly print the micro-flexible circuit onto banknotes. Scientists said that such a circuit can easily track the direction of currency circulation and verify its authenticity.

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