360 degree children's room solution will be available, the safest children's home

The first tomato brand in the children's furniture industry in Yunnan, which advocates “care, health and growth”, has successfully introduced the “color culture” of “color force affecting health” in 2005, and has also proposed and promoted “preschool education” in the industry. Culture and "entertainment culture" strongly advocate the concept of "children's furniture theme culture", thus giving products a deeper cultural connotation. For a long time, Tomato's dream is to create a youth and children's home concentration camp to provide children with the safest home goods at the most affordable price.

It is understood that the tomato cottage furniture brands are all positioned in the middle and high-end, the country's most influential top ten children's furniture brands have a total of 5 home tomato cottage agents. The products cover all the popular styles of mainstream domestic youth furniture, integrating color, Korean, solid wood, post-modern and noble. Due to the strong position of the tomato hut in the youth furniture industry, all of its brands are owned by the provincial general agent and enjoy the best ex-factory price. In the Yunnan market, the price of the same quality and the same grade, the price of the tomato hut terminal is nearly 20% lower than the price of similar stores.

Decoration children's room expert advice

The home image designer of the tomato hut told reporters that the decoration of the children's room actually has a lot of knowledge, and the design of the children's room is closely related to the child's growth stage. According to the characteristics of different ages and genders, the design and decoration of children's rooms should be focused on each other. At the same time, the designer also suggested that parents should change the layout of the children's room as the child's age grows, and increase or decrease some furniture configurations. In this way, not only can children living in separate rooms be kept fresh, but the children's room can continue to meet the children's needs. After a lot of practice and research, the tomato hut has explored a set of standards for how to use the color of children's room decoration through the visual perception of color, the psychological effect of color, the commonality of color and emotion, and the relationship between color and space. The Tomato Cabin uses nearly eight years of children's room theme design experience to set up a 1,300 square flagship store in the children's furniture area on the second floor of the Century House Jinyuan Avenue (view map). There are hundreds of different styles of decoration, and there is a children's amusement park in the store. Parents planning to decorate children's rooms can take the baby to watch the scene during the holiday, not only to learn some professional knowledge, but also to let the baby play in the colorful world. It is reported that in May of this year, the tomato hut is still in existence. Feng Design Studio will start. At that time, the tomato house will integrate children's room design, decoration, furniture, accessories, curtains and wallpapers into a 360-degree children's room solution, creating a humanized space that is more suitable for children's personality. Interested parents can consult when they arrive.

Integrity service to achieve high-end brands

Many consumers have had similar experiences. When the purchased goods have problems in the process of use, it is difficult to define the goods as man-made damage or themselves when dealing with such rights protection because of the lack of professional knowledge of the goods. There are quality defects. The manufacturer often indicates in the remarks of the goods that, except for man-made damage, the cost risk that may exist in itself may be passed on to the customer, and the consumer will be helpless.

In the tomato hut, consumers can enjoy its unique "5A service standard" and "long-term cost of goods maintenance, free moving, first man-made damage unconditional maintenance." Three characteristic service principles. Among them, the first service measure was provided in some local similar furniture stores, but the “first unconditional repair of man-made damage” was originally created by the tomato hut. Li Zhiguo, general manager of the tomato hut, believes that “furniture is a consumer product that is resistant to consumption. Generally, a household consumes 3-5 times at most. The accumulated experience of the goods is relatively small. But the tomato hut has been operating in the children's furniture industry for nearly 8 years, accumulating Commodity experience is enough to make up for the lack of consumer expertise. Safety first, service first can not only stay on the slogan, to be implemented in the specific work, the quality of goods and service equal is the core of brand operation. Although "man-made damage Unconditional maintenance will increase the cost of the enterprise, but it is completely consistent with our business philosophy of “care, health and growth”. The future development of the enterprise is definitely an extension of service, quality improvement and optimized combination of resources. The customer's word of mouth is more important than having any honor. The author investigates that the tomato house has been operating for nearly 8 years and has been used by tens of thousands of households in Yunnan. Since then, there has been no dispute of after-sales. High-quality furniture, humanized service, focusing on children's furniture. Market segment brand operation makes the tomato hut become a teenager in Yunnan and even the whole country.

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Model NO.: Diameter 19mm
Key Words: Cosmetic Packaging Tube
Name: Cosmetic Packaging Tube
Title: Hand Cream Plastic Cosmetic Packaging Tube with of
Secification: ISO 9001
Surface Handling: Offset, Hot Stamping, Silk Screen, Labeling
Tube Color: White, Black Transparent, Colored
Coating: Glossy, Matte
Capacity: 3-500ml
Cap: Flip Top Cap, Screw Cap
Shape: Round
Transport Package: as Your Request
Specification: 10ml
Origin: Jiangsu, China
HS Code: 39173100

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