Sexy red lips, full of temptation

The sexiest lips - Shu Qi

Sexiest lips

In a strict sense, Shu Qi is not a beautiful beauty, but a synonym for fashion. Shu Qi, known as "sexy", is the most irritating part of the lips. Rich and three-dimensional, full and tempting, slightly open and light, people can not help but desire to kiss.

Sexy Lips Small Class:

1. The image of the lips often determines the expression of a person. The key to this change is the mutual position of the corners of the mouth and the peaks, as well as the distance between the lips and the thickness of the upper and lower lips. If the distance between the two lip peaks is too close, it will appear as the upper lip is lifted and appears to be poor and weak; similarly, the lip peak is too wide, which will give people a greatly embarrassing and irresponsible taste. If the upper lip is too small, people feel that they have a contempt for others; if the upper lip is too large, the entire face will appear to have no chin.

2. A person's lips can change its shape through makeup. On the edge of the lips, there is a small, light-colored side that is rolled up. Use this part to change the makeup of the mouth. If you want to expand, let the lipstick cover it. If you want to shrink it, let it out, so that you don't feel unnatural.

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