Charm kitten eye makeup

Makeup focus: pull the eyeliner and eyelashes out

Want to make your makeup skills into an advanced class? The cat's eye's up-and-down style will not be learned. Even the usual days are very fashionable! The eyelashes and the end of the eyeliner are elongated, creating a feeling that the eyes become longer, similar to the cat's eye, but not exaggerated. In addition to changing the eye shape, it adds sensuality and exudes super power.

Recommended Dress Up: Shows a fallen, feminine blazer. With a little bit of OL, the tempting tailor's heart tailoring can modify the body curve, making the figure look more perfect, and it is hard to resist such a charming kitten eye makeup.

Charm kitten eye makeup

Charm cat's eye makeup steps:

Step1. Outline the eye socket with brown color. The eye shadow creates darkness in the front and back of the eye socket and then lights up above the eyeball.

Step2. Brighten the horizontal length of the silkworm. The silkworm area should also be moistened, you can increase the length, but also remember to draw.

Step3. The eyeliner of the eye is stretched by 0.5 cm. Use eyeliner or eyeliner to draw the eyeliner close to the root of the eyelashes, just pull it flat, remember to connect with the lower eyeliner triangle.

Step4. Apply mascara from the root of the eyelashes, and the roots of the lashes are clear, which increases the look of both eyes.

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