7 kinds of Feng Shui treasures

1, the fish tank

"The mountain is expensive, the water is the main wealth", the fish tank has a strong role in fuel. But everything has two sides, and water is also a double-edged sword. If it is used improperly, it will not only be prosperous, but it will also damage the financial losses. Therefore, the fish tank must be placed in the position of the Master.

2, the god of wealth

The god of wealth is divided into the god of wealth (Guan Gong) and the god of wealth. If the god of wealth is properly respected, it can be enjoyed by the whole family or the company. If it is not properly respected, the God of Wealth will become the god of the wealth--the money is damaged; especially the Wucai God Guan Gong, such as improper worship, not only can not bring wealth, Guan Gong The big knife will hurt people. The general principle is that the god of wealth must face the door, and the god of wealth is facing the door.

3, lucky boy

As the name suggests, it is more effective for those who are unmarried. This item is forbidden for married people. This object is most effective in the bathroom, because the water is also rich. It can also be placed on the bed, but the lady avoids it. This instrument can only be placed for one year. After the time, the mana disappears and remembers.

4, crystal

The crystal is divided into natural crystal and artificial crystal, in which natural crystal has a stronger effect and better effect. If possible, use natural crystals whenever possible. Crystal should be placed in the position of sick star, one can reduce disease and disaster, and second, it can turn disease into wealth.

5, 貔貅

This Swiss animal has no scales, no hair on its feet, and is awesome. It is suitable for Feng Shui, but it is only suitable for the favor of the wealth or sales industry (salesman). When you place it, you only need to head to the door or to the window. It is advantageous for you to make a fortune, and you can't afford it. Unless you add a pair of dragons, you can accept it.

6, copper lion

Its nature is to prevent plague, and it is generally placed in a position facing the gate. Anyone who has a road to rush or open the door to see the lamppost is available. Copper is a metal, which can restrain the punishment of wood. It is suitable for those who see large trees on the opposite side of the window. If there is a person with water in the house, it is better to put the bronze lion, because the gold can produce water, and it can be prosperous.

7, Jin Hao

Wangcai's top appliances, three feet, the back of the Big Dipper, the mouth of two strings of copper coins, the head of Taiji two instruments, the foot of Yuanbaoshan and wrote "Lucky Fortune, a million, two people, three yuan and the first, The four seasons of peace, grain harvest, six contract spring, seven sons reunion, eight immortals, ninth cohabitation, ten full wealth, Qianlong Tongbao, Xuantong Tongbao, and so on.

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