[Bicycle Class]: How to maintain a smooth breath under different road conditions

Speaking of breathing, everybody will certainly think that they will have a look. Do you breathe? People are living all the time. What is good to talk about? Everyone will be born, but how much do you know about breathing knowledge and how do you know when you are cycling? Use reasonable methods of breathing to enhance your physical strength to improve your physical condition after long-distance riding. Use your breathing method to rest and recover your strength while riding a flat road. This is enough to learn.

I do not know if you have heard these few words: medicine is not as good as Sibu, Sibu is not good enough. But how to make up for it? This is a special practice to practice breathing. In traditional Chinese medicine guidance, breathing is divided into three types: chest breathing, abdominal breathing, and birth. You usually observe and observe that when you breathe, you find that your chest is buzzing. It is breathing in the chest. If you find that you haven’t, you’ll give birth to a short baby. They can cry all day long, and the sound is as loud and bright as before. When they look at the clothes, they can see that their abdomen is alive together, that is, they are doing abdominal breathing, and the birth rate is intended to keep Dantian's method of breathing through the body's pores. Of course, this way of speaking is very incomprehensible, but the truth is this. For us, learning how to apply abdominal breathing while cycling is most useful. I will discuss in detail the various situations when riding a bicycle.

A. Breathing Before Cycling

I often see the riders coming out and riding out of the bicycle without any preparations to rush out. The result is that it will be too long to say that there has been sports injuries, knee pain, strained thigh muscles, bad breath, and a cry. Her chest was painful and hernia was gone. The warm-up before the cyclist I will specifically discuss, and now talk about how to breathe before riding a bicycle. Close your mouth first and take a deep breath with your nose until you can no longer inhale, then open your mouth, spit out the gas slowly, close your mouth after you finish your sputum, and use your nose to inhale deeply. Exhale your mouth and connect it for nine times. It's called a snort, and you should be sure to breathe slowly and try to exhale. Don't be too fast. After doing it nine times, I used my nose to breathe a few times and I set off on my bicycle.

Second, breathing when riding a flat road

When riding a flat road, you should roll up the tongue, wear the upper jaw, close your mouth, and use your nose to breathe. When you start to inhale, you should inhale as much as possible. To feel the abdomen shrinking inwards, breathe out as much as possible when exhaling. To feel the abdomen protrude outward. In the beginning, don’t be stubborn. You have this awareness. You will be able to do it when you get used to it. If you breathe for a while, you will feel a lot of saliva in your mouth. This is the secretion of body fluids. Don't spit it out. After swallowing, lick your tongue and breathe through your nose. This is called vomiting.

Third, breathe while climbing uphill

When riding on a slope, be sure to exercise good breath. When you start an uphill ride, use your nose to inhale deeply, and then use your mouth to exhale. Be sure to try your best to slowly inhale and exhale. If you ride for a while, find your breath. With increasing urgency, use your nose to take a sigh of relief and then use your mouth to exhale quickly. Remember to use your nose to inhale and close your mouth. Never use your mouth to inhale, otherwise it is very bad for your body. If you find that breathing is getting faster and faster, you have to get out of the stroller and exhale deeply with your nose while you are on the stroller. Don't just lie still on the floor. It's easy to get things done.

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