National wood packaging quarantine system (2)

3. Quarantine Requirements (1) For wood susceptible to pests and diseases from Canada, Japan, or the United States, one of the following requirements must be met:
a. Heat treatment at a temperature of 56°C or above and no less than 30 minutes.
b. Pressure permeation treatment of the drug;
c, fumigation treatment of the drug.
The wood processed by the above method must be marked with the name and location of the person performing heat treatment, infiltration treatment or fumigation treatment.
At the same time, it is required that no matter what type of treatment is carried out, the qualifications of the facilities, agents, and handlers used must be formally recognized by the authoritative department and provide relevant certification marks.
(2) Written documents must be provided for the wooden packaging material from China to prove that the wood has been treated by one of the above treatments prior to shipment, or that the wood is from an area where the pine wood nematode outbreak has not occurred. The timber from these areas shall comply with the existing requirements for the prevention of the spread of pests that are listed in the list of pests (such as beech leeches or other pests that will make holes in trees). It is also required that no bark be allowed on the wood, no more than 3mm wormholes are allowed, and the wood moisture content is below 20%.
Compared with the original quarantine treatment plan, the above new quarantine regulations specifically increase the fumigation treatment method. Therefore, all countries are paying attention to the fumigation treatment.
Second, Australian quarantine regulations for wood packaging materials Australia is a world forest power. In order to strengthen the prevention of forest diseases and insect pests and ensure the safety of the country’s forest resources, a quarantine system suitable for the country’s forest species has also been formulated for the wood packaging materials of imported goods. Because of its specific quarantine rules and requirements, it contains almost all the quarantine contents stipulated by countries in the world. Therefore, it is used by many countries for reference. The following are introduced:
1. The quarantine species and pests are mainly directed against the yellow or Vespa pests in wood packaging materials.
2. Methods, standards and requirements for disinfestation (1) Methane fumigation. Specific provisions are as follows:
Temperature (°C) Dose (g/m3) Fumigation time
21.0 over 48 24
16.0 up 56 24
11.0 or more 64 24
6.0 or more 48 24
1.0 or more 48 24
The Australian government also stipulates that the effect of foul methane fumigation below 10°C will not be recognized since September 1, 2000.
(2) Heat treatment The dry heat treatment of the wood must first be carried out so that the moisture content reaches 12% or less, and then the wet heat treatment at 74°C or more is performed. The heat treatment time for different thicknesses of wood is:
Wood thickness heat treatment time
4mm below 25mm
6 hours under 50mm
8mm under 75mm
10 hours below 100mm
Less than 150mm 14hr
Less than 200mm 18hr
Less than 250mm 22hr
Under 300mm 26hr (to be continued)

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