Wazhou successfully developed into a sealed rolling mill bearing

Recently, after a three-day acceptance, an expert in the acceptance group of a large-scale steel company in China announced that: The multi-size sealed combination bearings for the imported 2050 rolling mill production line jointly developed by users and tile shafts have undergone tests on the main technical indicators, and have been sized and shaped. Position tolerances, swivel flexibility, appearance quality, fatigue life, seal structure, performance, and quality all meet customer requirements. The user believes that the tile shaft has strong technical force, excellent equipment, complete tooling, perfect detection means, high management level, and ability to mass produce the bearing.
The 2050 rolling mill production line is a sophisticated equipment imported from Germany by its customers. Its work rolls have been paired with imported open combination bearings. The price is 3 to 4 times that of domestic bearings. There is no production precedent for this bearing. Therefore, the user decided to jointly develop a fully-integrated combined bearing with a representative and complex structure on the 2050 rolling mill and a supporting bearing assembly with a tile shaft. This project was included in the key research projects of 2002 by Wazhou Group. The smooth production of the project laid a solid foundation for the tile shaft to further expand the market share of metallurgical mine bearings.

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